Ranking Statement

In addition to the diploma and grade list, students can request a Ranking Statement. This statement will show how your average grade of the degree programme (Bachelor or Master) compares to the average grade of fellow students from a period of five years.

The calculation

The calculation is based on the weighted average of all grades you obtained within your degree programme. All your registered results in OSIRIS will be included in the calculation; for example, if you took an examination twice, both results will be included. This weighted average is compared to the average of the students that graduated in your degree programme during a period of five years. Your ranking will take the form of a percentage, showing that you belong to the top “x"%.

Requesting a Ranking Statement

As soon as you have received your Bachelor's or Master's diploma and all your grades are registered in OSIRIS, you can request a Ranking Statement. The costs for this statement are €10,-. It is not possible to inquire about your ranking in advance of your request.

Request and pay for your Ranking Statement in the ESE Webshop.

Requests handed in via e-mail postal mail will not be taken into consideration.

After ten work days you can pick up your statement at the Information Desk of the Education Service Centre (Tinbergen Building, office H06-02).

*Please note that during the Christmas holidays as well as the summer holidays, a ranking statement can take up to 3 – 4 weeks before it is ready.