Registering for examinations


All registrations for written and oral examinations are processed by the Department for Exam Administration.

Registration for written examinations

After each block written examinations are held on that block's programmes. Also re-examinations are scheduled in July. An overview is included in the academic calendar.

In order to be able to participate in a written examination, you are to register for it on the internet in OSIRIS within a certain period via

Examination rooms

The examination rooms for written examinations are announced a few days before the day concerned via the monitors in the different lobbies.

Registration period

The registration period is linked to the examination date.

For each examination applies: the registration in OSIRIS starts 35 days (5 weeks) and ends 7 days before the written examination is held.

Students who have registered themselves for a course in SIN-Online, can also register for the written examination of that course via SIN-Online.

Late registration

The procedures mentioned below only apply to students who are admissible to make the examination concerned.

In the event of late registration, you can register until 2 working days prior to the day on which the examination is held against payment of € 20,- in administrative charges per examination at the desk of the Erasmus Student Service Centre (E-hall).

If you take part in an examination without registration, the result of the relevant examination can still be registered in OSIRIS, but only against payment of € 20.- in administrative charges via the Information Desk (Tinbergen Building, office H06-02). This registration can only be made and paid for two days before the exam until and including the same day you took that examination. If the examination ends after opening hours of the Information Desk, registration will be accepted the day after.

This service is available at the Information Desk during opening hours. If you wish to acquire this service through the ESE Webshop then this must be done no later than midnight on the same day the exam took place. The webshop can not be used the day after the exam took place.