Registering for tutorials

Registration procedure

First-year students are centrally registered for the compulsory tutorials of the bachelor-1 courses (and for the courses themselves). All other students (senior students, pre-master students, elective students) have to register themselves for the bachelor-1 courses/tutorials.

For the tutorials of bachelor-2 and -3 courses and for master courses all students have to register themselves via the course information on SIN-Online.


You need to be registered for a course (be subscribed to a channel) to be able to register for a tutorial. If you are registered, you can see via 'My Registrations' which tutorial groups there are for a specific course and when the registration period is. If the registration period is open, you can select a tutorial group. 

If all tutorial groups are full, you should notify the Information Desk of the ESC in the Tinbergen Building, office H6-02, by the end of the registration period. 

Registration period

Registration is possible as of four weeks before the start of the new block and ends five working days before the start of the new block (on Sunday).

Did you fail to register for a tutorial on time? Now you can do so via the ESE Webshopand you do not have to go to the Information Desk. Simply pay the administration fee for your late registration for the tutorial via the web shop. The ESE shall process your registration, after first checking your eligibility to take the tutorial.


Repeaters (recidivists) need to register for the special tutorial group voor repeaters (RCDV group). You are a repeater if you have obtained a valid, though unsufficient, result.  A valid result is always registered in OSIRIS.

If you do not meet these requirements (for example if you have fulfilled the course requirements before, but did not make the examination), you will need to register for a normal tutorial group!

Please note: you have to be registered in a tutorial group to be able to make tests and assignments that count for the grading of the course.  Some courses have such small tests or assignments, which have to be done during the course.

Pre-master students

Pre-master students have to register for the special tutorial group 'PREMSC'. Attendance for these tutorials is not obligatory for Pre-master students, but in order to be able to make tests and assignments that count for the grading of the course, you have to be registered in a tutorial group. Not making the tests or assignments will result in a 0 for that part of the course.

Please note: Some courses, like Methods & Techniques, have an obligated assignment or test: for more information you can check the Sin-online page of that course.

Late registration

If you are too late in registering for a tutorial group for a bachelor-1 or bachelor-2 course you can against payment of €20 handling expenses per tutorial have yourself registered at the Information Desk of the Education Service Centre (Tinbergen Building, office H6-02) after all. You will then be allocated to the tutorial group that has space available at that time.

You are responsible yourself for meeting the attendance requirements and/or other requirements of the course. A registration at the Information Desk does not imply that you still will be able to meet the requirements of the course.