Study associations

Among the character traits that define Rotterdam students are their high level of activity and their hardworking mentality. They are actively involved in all sorts of consulting associations and often have side jobs as student assistants to professors or in the administrative departments of the faculty. Their contribution keeps the faculty on their toes and allows them to incorporate the students’ opinions.

The character of the students is also represented in the presence of the active faculty and study associations.

Economic Faculty Association Rotterdam (EFR)

The Economic Faculty Association Rotterdam (EFR), established in 1963 is one of the largest and most active faculty associations in the Netherlands. The EFR unites students of the Erasmus School of Economics and connects theory with practice. The EFR communicates, amongst others, via their own magazine Eclaire, which is published seven times a year and is sent to six thousands students and contacts.

Events that the EFR organizes are:

  • the annual Business Week
  • exchange with other European associations
  • introductory meetings with potential employers
  • a big political debate, during election years in the Netherlands
  • annual edition of the Economic Faculty Almanac

Faculty Association Econometrics & Operations Research (FAECTOR)

The Faculty Association Econometrics & Operations Research (FAECTOR) is the faculty association for aspiring econometricians at the ESE. Since 1966 FAECTOR offers large, varied projects and events for Econometrics students in the Netherlands. At this moment, FAECTOR is the biggest study association for Econometrics students in the world!

They organize over ten career events per year, together with many other events and activities. Activities that FAECTOR organises are: Quantitative Finance Tour (visit investment banks in London) Studyprojects (for example in Canada, Brasil, South Korea, Taiwan) National Econometrics Day (co-organisors) Smaller events such as drinks, company visits, sport tournaments (and 15% discount on study books).

Other study associations at Erasmus School of Economics

Besides the EFR and the FAECTOR, the Dutch master programme Fiscale Economie also has their own study association, R.F.V. Christiaanse-Taxateur

The master’s programme Economics and Business Economics has nine master’s specialisations. All these specialisations also have their own student associations. The table below shows which student association is linked to which master's specialisation:

Study association Related specialisation
Aeclipse  Policy Economics
International Economics
Economics of Management and Organisations
ECE (Erasmus Center of Entrepreneurship) Industrial Dynamics and Strategy
FMBG Health Economics
FSR Financial Economics
Accounting, Auditing & Control
Maeur Marketing
Transito Urban, Port and Transport Economics
SABER Behavioural Economics