Students from Erasmus School of Economics - (pre-)master requirements

On this page you can find all the information regarding the requirements to successfully apply to one of our master or pre-master programmes. In the table below you can see which (pre-)master programmes are accessible with your bachelor diploma. A finished bachelor or pre-master programme is required in order to be admissible to a (pre-)master programme.

The application period runs from 1 June till 1 August.

Application procedure

To apply you have to complete two steps:

  1. Register in Studielink
    Every student who wants to apply for a programme at the Erasmus School of Economics has to register in Studielink. Click here for more information about how to register correctly in Studielink. Please make sure you have a registration in studielink before continuing with the rest of the application procedure.
  2. Upload required application documents via the online application form in the EUR Admissions Portal
    It may take several days before you receive an email with the link to the EUR Admissions Portal)

From bachelor to (pre-)master

In the matrix below you can see for which (pre-)master programme you can apply with your ESE bachelor's degree.

  Accounting, Auditing
and Control 
Economics and Business Economics  Econometrics
and Management
Fiscale Economie

BSc Economie en Bedrijfseconomie/


Yes  Yes  Pre-master* Pre-master
BSc Econometrie en Operationele Research/
Econometrics and Operations Research
No  Yes  Yes Pre-master
BSc² Econometrics/ Economics Yes  Yes  Yes  Pre-master 
BSc Fiscale Economie Yes  Yes  Pre-master* Yes
BSc Economie en Informatica No  Yes  Pre-master* Pre-master

* Only if preparation courses are passed during bachelor's programme. Find more information for IBEB students or Economie en Bedrijfseconomie / Fiscale Economie students.

From pre-master to master

Students who have completed their pre-master programme can apply for the contiguous master's programme.

Thesis statement

If you have not finished your thesis before the application deadline of 1 August (or if your grade is not registered before this deadline), but will finish your thesis by 31 August, you can ask your thesis supervisor to write a Thesis Statement.

This statement declares that you will have finished your thesis successfully by 31 August at the latest. Your thesis supervisor can download the Thesis Statement from the website for ESE staff. You can upload a scan or photo of the thesis statement with your online application.

Request for dispensation

Students who almost meet the requirements can file a request for dispensation. The request for dispensation should contain the following elements:

  • The number of credits you have not passed.
  • The name(s) of the course(s) you have not passed.
  • Your study planning for the upcoming year, including the course(s) you have not passed.
  • The reason for not meeting the requirements.
  • Your motivation why the Examination Board should grant you admission to the master's programme.
  • If you refer to events you will have to include proof of that event. E.g. illness: a note from your doctor.

Application is closed

The application procedure for the academic year 2017-2018 closed on 1 August 2017. If you still need to apply, you can fill in a late application form at the Information Desk at H06-02. You can hand in the form together with the payment of €20,- (pin only). In case you have a dispensation letter, do not hand it in separately, but only attached to your application form.