Working as a teaching assistant

Working as a teaching assistant

Being a teaching assistant gives you a great opportunity to earn money while studying, and at the same time develop valuable skills that are relevant for your profession. You’ll gain relevant experience leading tutorials and you’ll be in close contact with lecturers. This experience can also be helpful in deciding if a job in teaching, for example at a university, is something suitable for you.

What does a teaching assistant do?

At Erasmus School of Economics, approximately 200 teaching assistants are supervising Bachelor  tutorials. Their responsibilities include explaining assignments, guiding students in completing assignments, explaining subject matter covered in lectures, administrative tasks, providing support and carrying out tasks related to the examination process. The exact responsibilities and duties will vary depending on the course.  You will get more information from the course coordinator or the Tutor Academy teacher.

Salary and employment conditions

The employment conditions for teaching assistants are described in the “Regeling Student Assistenten”.(in Dutch).

The salary you will receive as a teaching assistant, as well as the number of hours you are allowed to work, is determined by your progress within the study programme. The closer you are to completing your study, the more you can earn and the more hours you are allowed to work. The minimum appointment is 0.1 FTE that is 4 hours in a week.

In the table below you can see the facts which are valid in 2016. Please check here for the current salary and other employment conditions (in Dutch). 

You will be appointed for the period of the course or courses in which you will be teaching assistant. Supplementary terms and conditions apply if you are a teaching assistant from outside the EEA or from Switzerland. For more details see the checklist on the Internationalisation website.

Related to your job as teaching assistant, I wish to bring the following agreements to your attention. The same rules that apply to all EUR employees also apply to you, for instance the CAO NU.

Golden rules

As a teaching assistant:

  • I keep all information confidential, that is designated as confidential or of a nature which I can reasonably be expected to understand its confidentiality;
  • I am aware that all course materials made available to me in my capacity as a teaching assistant, are owned by Erasmus School of Economics and I will respect its’ intellectual property rights;
  • I am only allowed to use the information, knowledge and course materials made available to me in my capacity as a teaching assistant for my activities for the Tutor Academy;
  • I will not disseminate, publish, sell or otherwise exploit such information;
  • I am aware that activities such as coaching, providing additional lessons or making summaries, can lead to conflicts of interest;
  • therefore, I will not perform any work that has the effect of causing (apparent) conflicts of interest during the academic year that I am employed as a teaching assistant at the Tutor Academy;
  • I will not abuse my position at the Tutor Academy;
  • I will contact the director of the Tutor Academy if I have any related questions or concerns.

Info for International students

International students who start working in the Netherlands are required to have:

Extra for NON-EU mentors/TA’s (except from Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Switzerland):

  • NON-EU mentors/TA’s will need a work permit. In order for us to apply for your work permit we need several documents. The procedure for this is long, so we inform you already about the most important things. When you will be selected as a mentor/TA you will receive an email with a request to hand in several documents; One of those will be a ‘proof of enrollment 2017-2018’. In order to get a ‘proof of enrollment’ you have to have, amongst other things: a positive BSA (only first year students) and a proof of payment. We strongly advise you to use the digital payment authorization through STUDYLINK, when you subscribe for the next academic year.

Any other method of payment will take too long to process and thus you will not be able to hand in the documents in time for us to get your work permit in time.  As soon as you made this digital authorization you will receive an email, which you HAVE TO confirm right away.  

Please do this on the first moment the digital authorization possibility opens, on June 12, in order to get your proof of enrollment in time.
See also:

  • Copy of your High School diploma’s.
  • Copy, back and front, of your residence permit.

The hand in date for all documents for NON-EU teaching Assistants, starting work in block 1 is June 16, 2017.

  Extra info:

Interested in a job as a teaching assistant? View the latest vacancies and read more about the selection procedure here.