Frequently Asked Questions

What are the chances of going to the university of my first choice?

All your three options are considered equal. You may list your first choice first if you wish to make this clear to us. Your chance of getting accepted depends on your own application as well as on the number of applicants per university. Based on the contracts, there is only a limited number of places available (visible per partner). An internal selection based on grades and motivation will determine who can go to which university.

Unfortunately, we cannot predict beforehand your chances of being selected.

I want to go to just one university. What happens if I submit just one choice?

If you submit just one choice, you greatly diminish your chances on going abroad (particularly to a destination of your preference). Think about it: if other students submit their preference for that destination as well, your competition for the spot is really high. If we cannot offer you this destination, you will directly participate in round 2.

What if the partner university’s exchange period ends after the mobility period in block 1 + 2?

Many academic calendars run into block 3. As such, you will have to try to make alternative arrangements. Many partner universities offer the opportunity to take early exams or to take exams back in Rotterdam (at Erasmus Student Services Centre, to be discussed with and arranged by the Exchange Coordinator). Student reports will include this information if possible. It will take extra effort from the student to make individual arrangements with professors if necessary. Please do not be disappointed when it is not possible to take early exams.

If you expect a delay in your study programme, please contact the study advisers.

Which courses are considered in the field of economics and/or econometrics?

All courses related to economics, econometrics, business, finance and marketing will be approved as courses counting towards the minimum of 12 credits in Economics / Econometrics.

What happens if my transcript does not arrive before the deadline?

Most transcripts arrive in the weeks after your exchange, but for some universities this takes longer. Please make sure that you have met all criteria of sending the transcript. If your transcript is not in yet, please inform the Exchange Coordinator and Erasmus+ team (if applicable) when you expect the transcript.                                                       

How can I get my Learning Agreement (Erasmus+), university application, OV-reimbursement form, etc. signed?

Any documents that need to be signed can by submitted to the Student Desk at H6-05. The Exchange Coordinator will pick them up and sign them accordingly. Please make sure to fill out all fields prior to submitting the document (including name and contact details of the exchange coordinator, to be found here). Your document will not be signed if fields are left blank or if your signature is missing.

Erasmus+ Grant

To which body should I submit the different parts of my Learning Agreement?

Every part of the learning agreement requires two or three signatures: your signature, ESE’s signature and a signature of someone at the host university. With their signature, all three parties approve your course choice and agree to what is stated in the agreement. This means that you should always send a copy to the Exchange Coordinator of your home university and host university.

After you have obtained all signatures, the document must be submitted the Erasmus+ team at Erasmus University Rotterdam. They will inform you on how to submit these documents.

I submitted my Learning Agreement, but my request got denied. Why?

Check if you have filled out all parts (including dates) of the document and collected all signatures. Have you used the forms provided by the Erasmus+ team at Erasmus University Rotterdam? Only these documents will be accepted for your scholarship application.

I submitted my Learning Agreement, but have questions about the approval and payment of the scholarship?

As long as you have fulfilled the criteria set by the Erasmus+ team at Erasmus University Rotterdam you should not need to worry about the payment of the scholarship. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact the Scholarship team directly at

 You can find more information about the Erasmus+ Grant here and here.

Master Students

What are the exchange requirements for master students?

The page that lists all requirements, includes the rules for master students. In short: like bachelor students, you need to be enrolled as a fulltime student at Erasmus School of Economics; you need to delay your graduation and discuss this with your thesis coordinator; you must meet the criteria set by the partner university.

What if I obtained my bachelor’s degree elsewhere?

If you obtained your bachelor’s degree elsewhere, we ask you to submit your final bachelor’s transcript and calculate the average based on these grades. If an average is indicated on the diploma, transcript or diploma supplement, this average will be used.

What should I do to ensure that I do not graduate my master’s degree in order to go on exchange?

If you wish to go on exchange as an ESE student, you must make sure not to graduate your master’s degree in one year. Once your final grade is registered in Osiris, you will not be a fulltime student anymore. You can choose yourself whether you wish to fail a course or to discuss with your thesis coordinator if it is possible to do your defense and submit your grade after your exchange.