Research Master in Economics (Tinbergen Institute)

The Research Master programme at the Tinbergen Institute is a selective programme that is geared towards outstanding students who want to pursue a PhD degree in economics. Tinbergen Institute (TI) is one of Europe’s leading graduate schools in economics, econometrics and finance. TI is operated jointly by the Schools of Economics of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), University of Amsterdam (UvA) and VU Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

About the Programme / Mission

The graduate programme at Tinbergen Institute consists of two years of intensive coursework  leading to an MSc degree in Economics, and three years of PhD thesis research.

The two-year programme is a research master’s in economics, econometrics, and finance and is an excellent preparation for PhD thesis research in these fields. The best economists from the three participating universities are affiliated to TI as research fellows. Each of these TI fellows has excellent international credentials, carries out research, teaches in the program and acts as thesis supervisor. This in combination with a selected international student body guarantees the high standards of the programme. Studying at TI is an international experience: over 70% of all students have an international background. The small scale of the programme and the excellent student facilities including work space and access to seminar series guarantees a lively atmosphere, where students and lecturers easily interact.

Students who perform well in the programme and find a match with a supervisor continue in a 3-year PhD position at one of the schools participating at TI. PhD positions are full-time positions that come with all the benefits of employment, including a good salary.  

Career prospects

TI’s programme is an excellent stepping-stone for an academic career as well as for a career outside the university. More than 400 alumni of TI have now completed their PhD and have taken up influential positions at universities all over the world, as well as in government ministries, the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank), the World Bank, the IMF, as well as in the management of larger enterprises and consultancy firms.