Mission, Vision and Key Figures

The ESE is the natural choice:

  • for everyone to study economics in a broad sense,
  • for academics to make progress in relevant and challenging research,
  • for alumni to meet and greet, and
  • for government and firms to seek reliable advice.

The ESE enjoys great acclaim in the Netherlands and abroad for its fundamental and applied scientific research. Its two graduate schools, the Erasmus Research School of Management (ERIM) and the Tinbergen Institute (TI) are among the very best research institutes and graduate schools in the world.

The Erasmus School of Economics strategically has a clear focus on economics. It is the only school in the Netherlands which explicitly educates business economics. All faculty members are involved in both research and teaching .  This allows the ESE to thrive. Just as they were 100 years ago, the economists are the pounding heart of Erasmus University Rotterdam..