PhD programme tracks

Regular tracks

Regular tracks can be externally financed, meaning that another organization (for example NWO) pays for the PhD position at Erasmus School of Economics. Externally financed PhD projects follow the same procedures as internally financed PhD tracks.

MPhil (Research Master) (2 years) + PhD track (3 years)

  • Starts after Bachelor degree
  • Two year Research Master's programme (MPhil)
  • Three year PhD programme at Tinbergen Institute or ERIM

The MPhil + PhD track offers opportunities for highly talented students who aim for a research position at an early stage, and who want to work in fundamental research immediately after obtaining the bachelor’s degree. During the first two years of the MPhil programme, one of the Erasmus School of Economics' Graduate Schools (ERIM / Tinbergen Institute) will provide training in the fundamentals of economic research which leads to an acknowledged Master of Science (MSc) degree. After receiving their MSc degree PhD candidates continue with a 3 year PhD track.

PhD track (4 years)

  • Starts after Master degree
  • Four year PhD programme at Tinbergen Institute or ERIM

The PhD track is for students who (are about to) successfully complete(d) their master programme and aspire an academic career. During the entire 4 year programme PhD candidates need to be affiliated with one of our Graduate Schools (ERIM / Tinbergen Institute), implicating that the admission procedures and course modules of ERIM and Tinbergen Institute are used as much as possible.

External track

  • For anyone who has already obtained a master's degree at Erasmus School of Economics or elsewhere (and is currently working outside academia)
  • No training or employment at Erasmus School of Economics

An external PhD student is someone who conducts academic PhD research without having a training position and without being employed at Erasmus School of Economics. Anyone who has obtained a master’s degree can decide to start with a PhD project, provided that there is a full or endowed professor at Erasmus School of Economics willing to supervise the PhD research and act as promotor. With regards to the quality of reseach and the admission to the thesis defence, the external PhD students must comply with the same rules and requirements as the regular PhD students. Each external PhD student will make individual agreements with his/her supervisor concerning the method of supervision, the tempo in which the research is to be conducted and the facilities offered by the school.