Do we click @ Bessensap 2019


vrijdag, 21 jun 2019, 09:00


vrijdag, 21 jun 2019, 17:00

Research project "Do we have a click?"

On the 21st of June, Dr. Mijke Slot (ESHCC) will present the first results of her research project Do we have a click? at Bessensap 2019. In this research project, supported by the Dutch Journalism Fund and the Erasmus Research Centre for Media, Communication and Culture, Mijke explores the digital relationship between journalists and their audiences. She researches the role online technologies play in this relationship, and how it can be improved. Every month, Mijke already provides updates on her research progress in a research podcast; Do we click? (


In the past months, Mijke interviewed journalists from national and regional news organizations in the Netherlands about the ways in which online technologies influence their work practices, role perception and the way they consider their audience. Her first analysis of these interviews will be shared at Bessensap, a science popularization-themed event hosted by the Dutch Science Organization (NWO) in the Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. During this event, researchers from all over the Netherlands, journalists and press officers will meet to exchange knowledge on the latest developments in science and its communication. You can check the full program here:


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