Leden van de Faculteitsraad


Current facets (Pre-Master)

Secretaris Participatie

Marieke de Quant

Voor algemene vragen met betrekking tot de vergaderingen van de Faculteitsraad, kan contact worden opgenomen met Marieke.


Slegtenhorst, Laurie

Laurie Slegtenhorst - Voorzitter

PhD Kandidaat bij de afdeling Geschiedenis

Portrait Christian Handke (Square)

Christian Handke

Afdeling Kunst- en Cultuurwetenschappen

Ana Uribe Sandoval

Afdeling Media & Communicatie

Jansen, Linda

Linda Jansen



Gloria Marin Querol

Gloria Marin-Querol - Vicevoorzitter

"Striving for positive change"

"I am a 21 year old Spanish student at Erasmus University. I am currently a 3rd year Communications and Media student at ESHCC and I think that students should have a say in the decisions made by their faculty. This is the reason why I joined the Faculty Council this year: I believe that improving our faculty is a task of both staff and students."

Tim Voogel

Tim Voogel

"Let the student's voice resonate through the Council"

“With the second consecutive year of being your representative, I strive for continuity. Last year, the Faculty Council had many cases to discuss with the Dean, a few of which are ongoing. Together with the new representatives, I want to positively close ongoing discussions and step up in discussions and initiatives to come. Indeed, serving on the Council offers the unique opportunity to exert influence on policymaking. I wholeheartedly grasp this opportunity in order to let the student’s voice resonate through the Council.”

Mel Schickel

Mel Schickel

"Staff and students together make a faculty"

"I think you should contribute to the communities you live in, for me one of those communities is the ESHCC faculty. During my second year of the History Bachelor, I was elected to the council also. Now during my Master’s, I again have seat. This year I will mainly focus on the budget of the faculty. For example, I will check that the student grant funds will be spent in a way that benefits the students. However, I will take on any other issue that comes up with the same enthusiasm."

Floris de Leeuw

Floris de Leeuw

"The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual"

"As a fourth year history student, with just my internship left to finish my Bachelor’s degree, I want to spent my year experiencing what is out there in the work field. My year will consist of several internships as well as being part of the student section of the Faculty Council. Working in a small group, as Faculty Council, tackling problems, assisting and checking up on the management team, will help me develop lots of skills. I want to make sure the voices of the students are being heard and taken serious."

Cece Dao

Trang (Cece) Dao

"You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretzky

"As an ambitious sophomore at International Bachelor of Communication and Media at Erasmus University, and as a foreigner living in Rotterdam, I have always been excited to see the different dynamics of social interactions here, especially at the university where I study. This curiosity brought me to the Faculty Council election, during which I was gladly offered a seat. I look forward to truly understand how the ESHCC Faculty Council function, so that I can take part in making it better, not only for students but also for staff members and for the university in general.

I believe that chances are to be taken immediately without hesitation. The Faculty Council offers me a chance to freely propose changes and improvements to the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication, which is one of my top priorities at the moment, as how fluently this faculty operates directly affects my education progress. Furthermore, being a student member of the faculty, my goal is not only to contribute my own opinions, but also to make sure that my fellow students know that their voice can be heard as well."