Daniel Boonstra

I think IBCoM gave me a great academic, social and cultural foundation to start my career

Daniel Boonstra

Class of 2013 (Graduated in 2016)

For which organisation are you currently employed and what is your job title?

Zenith Media- client- Oracle. I am currently an account executive 

What main tasks do you perform?

My role is to plan and buy media for Oracle to support their marketing and advertising teams. My role focuses on digital media (programmatic display, social media, native content). This involves working with clients to understand their brief, brief out and negotiate with media partners, execute campaigns and report on the results.

How long did it take for you to find a job after graduation? How did you find your job?

After university, I did 2 internships- one in Lisbon on the Erasmus grant at a startup accelerator and the second at the University of London Computer Centre as a marketing intern. Following this, I found a graduate position at Zenith, applied, and 2 weeks later I started. I found the position at Zenith on LinkedIn. After university, it was about a year until I had a permanent paying job. I don't think the number of internships I did was completely necessary to obtain this job but I have no regrets about how it turned out. 

Is there a connection between what you have learned in IBCoM and your work? If so, how would you describe it?

I think IBCoM gave me a great academic, social and cultural foundation to start my career with and all the international experience went a long way in London. This said, in my work I use my academic skills more than my academic knowledge- this is to say that my writing, critical thinking and social skills are more at play than my understanding of media theory.  

In hindsight, what would you have liked to have known before entering the labour market, what you know now?

Looking for a job SUCKS but you shouldn't be worried when it takes time- You need to keep looking and keep showing up to interviews. 

What advice would you give current IBCoM students about entering the labour market?

You shouldn't just look at the huge companies that you have heard of- there are so many companies and positions that you have no idea exist that can take you to great places - I had no real understanding of the media industry and now I think it's an amazing place to start. Start your search with a goal in mind but don't be worried if you end up in something else. Use every resource: LinkedIn, recruitment agencies, other grads you know- use everything you can.

Do you have anything to add?

If you are looking to start your career in London- you don't need a masters- it's fairly uncommon here for anyone to have a masters degree- sometimes you can even be perceived as overqualified- so if you are looking for somewhere to come and gain some experience before doing your masters degree then I would recommend coming to London for a year or two. 

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