prof.dr. (Peter) P Nikken

prof.dr. (Peter) P Nikken
Endowed professor Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication Department of Media and Communication
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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Peter Nikken is Endowed Professor on Parental Mediation in the Department of media and Communication at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

His research interests is focused on the intermediate role of parents and professional educators for children’s media use. More specifically, Peter Nikken looks at how parents and co-educators experience the presence of media in the child’s environment and how their educational and care-giving strategies are related to the child’s development. Moreover, he also looks at how the media-industry affects parenting by either supporting parents and co-educators in their mediation practices or by creating problems for parenting.

Peter Nikken has published widely both popular and academic reports on children, young people and media in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, he has also given many presentations on children and media regarding media violence, advertising, children's TV broadcasting policy, and sex in the media. He is an academic consultant for several organisations, including Kijkwijzer and PEGI (the age-rating classification systems for media productions), Kennisnet/Mijn Kind Online, and the Dutch Media Authority (CvdM).

Peter Nikken is also a senior researcher at the Netherlands Youth Institute (NJi) in Utrecht and Lector in Child and media studies at Windesheim university for applied science, Zwolle. He received his PhD from Leiden University in 1999 with a thesis on quality standards for children's television.

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  • Peter Nikken (2014) - Keynote Parenting children with film: The Dutch situation. - The 1st European Conference on Children’s Film

  • Peter Nikken & MH Schols (2014) - How and why parents guide the media use of infants, toddlers, kindergartners and early childhood children; an exploratory study - Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap 2014
  • Jeroen Jansz & Peter Nikken (2011) - Parental mediation of young children's internet use - EU Kids Online Conference
  • N Sonck, Peter Nikken & J Haan (2011) - Determinants of internet mediation: a comparison of the reports by parents and children - EU kids online conference

  • M Vergeer & Peter Nikken (2016) - Media en kinderen met een LVB: Een analyse van wat er al is en wat nog nodig is om kinderen met een LVB te includeren bij mediawijsheid - Nederlands Jeugdinstituut /
  • Peter Nikken & H de Graaf (2011) - Seks in de media: Wat doen jongeren er mee? Een onderzoek met twee metingen - Nederlands Jeugd Instituut
  • Peter Nikken & A Addink (2011) - Opvoedondersteuning bij mediaopvoeding - Nederlands Jeugdinstituut

  • Peter Nikken (2018) - Instrumental use of media technology in childrearing: Relationships with trust in parenting - Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap

  • Peter Nikken (2015) - Keynote Kinderen en media: De professional aan zet - Gemeente Utrecht
  • Peter Nikken (2013) - Keynote Media-pedagogiek in de 21e eeuw; heeft het nut om je daar in te verdiepen? - Opening academic year Windesheim University of applied sciences
  • Peter Nikken (2012) - Keynote Schadelijke effecten van media op minderjarige - Vlaamse Regulator voor de Media

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