Rules relating to attendance

Since lectures form an integral part of the course material we expect all students to attend lectures. Make sure to check the course descriptions and/or the course guides to ensure that you know when and where lectures are held.

In some cases lectures might not be mandatory - this will be stated in the course description of the course, in SIN-Online. 

For all other classes (e.g. tutorials, seminars, research workshops, thesis class, etc.) attendance is mandatory.

  • The lecturer will keep an accurate record of attendance. 
  • If you cannot attend, you need to notify the lecturer in advance, stating your reason of absence.
  • When you are absent once, you can still meet the attendance rules without an extra assignment; provided that you are present at all other meetings. However, any missed regular assignments must still be done.
  • When you are absent twice, you can meet the attendance rules by making an extra assignment besides the regular assignment(s) of that week. This extra assignment is always an individual assignment and will be assigned by the lecturer. The extra assignment has to be submitted before the deadline stated by the lecturer, by e-mail and will be graded on a pass/fail basis. If you do not submit this extra assignment you will not receive a grade for the course (and thus, fail).
  • When you are absent more than twice, you should always make an appointment with the student advisor. In principle, you will be excluded from the course and you will have to take the course again next year. If you are a BA-1 student, this entails that you cannot meet the requirements of the Binding Study Advice (60 EC). As a result, you cannot continue with the study programme, unless the Examination Board decides that hardship clause can be applied.