History ESHPM

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30 years ESHPM

In 2012 the following publications will be published:

Valedictory lecture professor Wilfried Notten (in Dutch)

- Valedictory lecture professor Frans Rutten (synopsis in English) + honorary doctorate professor Micheal Drummond

- Social impact 30 years ESHPM

Here you can find ESHPM's latest activity reports.

Here you can find information about ESHPM's current offer of education and research.

Vice-deans ESHPM 1982-present

2012-present W.B.F. (Werner) Brouwer
2007-2011 W.R.F. (Wilfried) Notten
2002-2007 F.F.H. (Frans) Rutten
1998-2002 T.E.D. (Tom) van der Grinten
1994-1998 J. (Johan) Legemaate
1990-1994 A.F. (Ton) Casparie
1986-1990 R.M. (Ruud) Lapré
1982-1986 J. (Han) Moll

Publication 25th anniversary

M&O, magazine for Management and Organisation - special issue: management and organisation in health care (in Dutch)

With contributions of among other things Guus de Vries, Robbert Huijsman, Harry Commandeur, Gerard Scholten, Werner Brouwer, Frans Rutten, Erik Schut and Tom van der Grinten

Publication 20th anniversary

Manifest - Twenty health care issues about the future health care system (in Dutch)

Health care issues concerning:

  • Patient based health care: quality and costeffectivity
  • Health care insurance market: solidarity ánd efficiency
  • Regulated market

Innovate in a turbulent environment

ESHPM's history till 1994

Cover Innoveren in een turbulente omgeving - Jan Bruggeman en Wim Moll - 1994

Innovate in a turbulent environment (in Dutch)

Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management in the making

Jan Bruggeman and Wim Moll - 1994