PhD defenses 2015

Laura Burgers

Challenges in assessing the cost-effectiveness of cardiovascular disease technologies

18 December 2015

Daniëlle Duijmelinck

Choice of Health Insurer and Healthcare Provider

17 December 2015

Bethany Hipple Walters

Managing the Chronic: Investigating chronic disease management in the Netherlands

4 December 2015

Melinde Boland

Cost-effectiveness of disease management programs in COPD

12 November 2015

Kim Holtzer-Goor

Health Technology Assessment of Health Care Innovations in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia and Glaucoma Care

12 November 2015

Wim Labree

Differences in overweight and obesity between primary school children from migrant and native origin

6 November 2015

Caroline de Sonneville-Koedoot

The Impact and Treatment of Developmental Stuttering

29 October 2015

Naomi van der Linden

The use of real-world data in lung and head and neck oncology

23 October 2015

Olena Mandrik

Is transferability an issue? Use of health economic studies in Ukraine and other central and eastern European countries

18 September 2015


Terese Otte-Trojel

Patient Portals: Development and outcomes in integrated and fragmented health systems

September 11th, 2015

Jane Sattoe 

Growing up with a Chronic Condition: Challenges for self-management and self-management support

June 25th, 2015

Hanna van Dijk

Neighbourhoods for ageing in place

June 25th, 2015

Annemieke van Dongen-Leunis

The cost-effectiveness of personalized medicine strategies in acute myeloid leukemia

June 18th, 2015

Igna Bonfrer

Evaluating Health Care Financing Reforms in Africa

11 June 2015

Jeroen Postma

Scaling care

5 June 2015


Esther van Loon

Reflexive Standardization and Standardized Reflexivity

20 June 2015

Pieter Bakx

Financial Incentives in Long-Term Care

1 May 2015

Anne Marie Weggelaar

Learning to Improve - Improved Learning

30 April 2015

Renske Hoefman

The impact of caregiving - The measurement and valuation of informal care for use in economic evaluations

23 April 2015

Lieke Oldenhof (Cum Laude)

The Multiple Middle - Managing in Healthcare

17 April 2015

Apostolos Tsiachristas

Payment and economic evaluation of integrated care

March 20th, 2015 

Mahdi Mahdavi

Building the bridge between operations and outcomes - Modelling and evaluation of health service provider networks

February 5th, 2015