dr. (Annemiek) A.M.V. Stoopendaal

dr. (Annemiek) A.M.V. Stoopendaal

Assistant Professor Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management Health Care Governance (HCG)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
J 6-
+31 10 4088555

Latest academic publication

C. Scheijmans & A.M.V. Stoopendaal (2018). Ergotherapie en Positieve Gezondheid: vinden, versterken en samenwerken. Ergotherapie Magazine, 2018 (2), 20-23.

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As an occupational therapist and manager in healthcare I worked for 15 years in several different care organizations. After graduating in organizational anthropology at the Utrecht School of Governance (USG) of the University of Utrecht in 2002, I started to work for the Institute of Health Policy and Management, section Health Care Governance, at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (EUR).

In 2008 I defended my Ph.D.-thesis at the EUR ‘Zorg met Afstand. Betrokken bestuur in grootschalige zorginstellingen’ (Van Gorcum, Assen, 2008). The study provides insight into the daily work of healthcare executives, in order to better understand what managing the specific and complex healthcare organizations is about. Healthcare executives have been studied in the context of the theme of 'distance'.

Since 2010 I work as assistant professor of Organizational Anthropology in Healthcare joining the Health Care Governance group (HCG).

My research interests are on healthcare management and governance, with specific emphasis on the work and behavior of healthcare managers. My main interest is in organization, collaboration and the governance and regulation of healthcare. Projects related to this agenda are studies on the national quality program for the long term health sector Care for Better, Innovation in Rehabilitation and the programmes System Based Supervision and Good Governance in collaboration with the Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate. I am especially interested in the boundaries and bindings between different micro-meso-macro levels in the organization of healthcare. The research methods I use are close to my anthropological background: qualitative, ethnographical and formative/ action research on the study of complex interventions in healthcare.

I am currently involved in the Dutch Academic Collaborative Centre for  Regulation of Healthcare. I will start a new research on Trust in Regulation in 2017 .


I was co-supervisor of:

Lia de Vos who finished her PhD in 2014 with the thesis Kwaliteit, Disciplinering en Sturing.

Lieke Oldenhof: who finished her PhD in 2015 with the thesis The Multiple Middle: Managing in Healthcare.

Currently I am co-supervisor of PhD students:

  • Leonie Schakel: The relationships between internal and external supervision in healthcare
  • John Luijten & Eric Galle: Values in governance&client interfaces in longterm care
  • Françoise Johansen: Sustainable care


I teach and coordinate the course on qualitative research methods. The course is given to 2rd years bachelor students, as well as within the pre-master programme. I'm involved in the development and teaching of Advanced Research Methods in the master programme. I give lectures in the course Introduction of Research Methods and in the (master) course on critical perspectives of change management in healthcare.

I supervise students writing their master thesis and I am a member of the reading committee of master theses..



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Burg. Oudlaan 50 3062 PA Rotterdam

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Postbus 1738 3000 DR Rotterdam