Full professors

Prof. dr Henk van de Bunt
Corporate and organised crime, policing and law enforcement, policy-research, 
Prof. dr Richard Staring
Globalisation, irregular migration, ‘problems of urbanity’, marginalisation, ethnography, qualitative research methods. Programme leader research programme 'Monitoring safety and security'

Prof. dr Pieter Spierenburg
historical criminology, social historical development of prisons and of violence

Prof. dr René van Swaaningen
Criminological and social theory, public safety, prisons and criminal justice politics, (Western) European comparative criminology

Part time Professors

Prof. dr Frank M. Weerman 

Principal lecturer

Dr Jean-Marc Piret

Senior lecturers and researchers

Dr Tamar Fischer: quantitative research methods, social distribution of crime and victimisation
Dr Willem-Jan Verhoeven: quantitative research methods, Eastern Europe
Dr Karin van Wingerde: corporate crime, reputation sanctions

PhD fellows

Joep Beckers M.A: The criminal enforcement of corporate crime in the Netherlands
Tom de Leeuw, MSc: cultural criminology, football hooliganism, local governance of safety
A.G. Mein LL.M.
Medea van Schijndel MSc: Embeddedness of criminal networks in local communities: a source of conflict?