Monitoring Safety and Security

Safety and security are central issues in modern society. This programme aims to study various modes of governance of safety and security in financial, social, and economic systems through a broad and multidisciplinary approach. Monitoring, supervision, and enforcement aim to prevent or control unsafety and insecurity. Monitoring may be directed to persons and organisations that put safety and security at risk, but may also aim to safeguard the efficient functioning of markets. Traditionally, monitoring and enforcement were primarily state tasks; however, the authority and responsibility for monitoring is increasingly being transferred to private actors. Commercial security and auditing firms, citizen-consumers, and self-regulation through internal monitoring are examples of the responsibilisation and privatisation of monitoring.

New forms of monitoring have developed outside the traditional national legal framework: namely, partly under the influence of globalisation, supranational and intergovernmental control bodies have emerged. In addition, the role of technology in supervision has gained importance. These developments have given rise to new and important research questions that can only be answered by way of a multidisciplinary approach.

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