International and European Union Law

The Department of International and European Union Law (IEUL) consists of a team of enthusiastic legal experts who deal with many aspects of these areas of law. Our academic staff has a wide-ranging expertise and experience in different fields of International law (such as the law of International organizations, International environmental law, the law of the sea, International economic law, International criminal law, human rights law and the rule of law) and of European Union law (such as European institutional law, European constitutional law, European internal market law, European economic law, European citizenship law, European environmental law and judicial protection within the EU). This expertise and experience are reflected in our teaching and research as well as our engagement with society. Our academic staff takes pleasure in engaging with motivated students, fellow researchers and partners in the academic world on contemporary issues of international and European Union law. In addition, we engage in the practice of International law and of European Union law. The China Law Centre of the Erasmus School of Law, linked to the Department, is an example of this. In the past, the Department has also been awarded a Jean Monnet Chair in European Trade law in the Overseas Territories.

The Department has achieved a reputation for being highly innovative and successful in both its teaching and research. The department has developed its own virtual electronic learning environment (E-Learning) for students and has been awarded prizes for Best Bachelor Course of the Erasmus School of Law in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Research conducted at the Department focuses on the rule of law in International law and is part of the research program Rethinking the Rule of Law. Individual researchers (Prof. E. Hey, Prof. A. Arcuri, Prof. J. Temperman, Dr N.T. Ali) have been awarded fellowships or prizes for their research. To discover more about the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our teaching staff please select one of our staff members below.


PhD Projects

J.J. Andela, LL.M.
A. Erol, LL.M. 
D. Garcia-Caro Briceno, LL.M.
A. Mayar, LL.M.
S. Paulini, LL.M.
F.P. Pennesi, LL.M.
T.C. Snyman, LL.M.
S.E. Triefus, LL.M.


H. Driessens
D. Hernandez
J. de Vries

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