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Klaus Heine is the Director of the Erasmus Graduate School of Law (EGSL). EGSL is the Graduate School of Erasmus School of Law (ESL). Since the start of EGSL in September 2012, it assists PhD researchers in the first phase of their appointment in elaborating their doctoral proposal and guide them towards a successful completion of their PhD by the end of the fourth year. For more information on EGSL click here.

In 2012 Prof. Dr. Klaus Heine of Erasmus School of Law has been awarded the Jean Monnet Chair of Economic Analysis of European Law. The Jean Monnet label is recognized as a sign of excellence. It was established by the European Commission as an initiative to promote teaching, research and reflection in the field of European integration studies in higher education institutions.

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Contact Information


Prof. Dr. K. Heine

Alberto Quintavalla

Law and Economics


Erasmus School of Law

Room: L7-29 C

T: 010-4082691


T: 010-4082186

Wouter van Dam



Room: L7-29 K

Room: L7-29 A

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