Jean Monnet Chair

In 2012 Prof. Klaus Heine of Erasmus School of Law has been awarded the Jean Monnet Chair of Economic Analysis of European Law. The Jean Monnet label is recognised as a sign of excellence. It was established by the European Commission as an initiative to promote teaching, research and reflection in the field of European integration studies in higher education institutions.

On this website you will find all information concerning the activities of the Jean Monnet Chair of Economic Analysis of European Law. For questions and remarks please contact one of the student assistants, or post them on Facebook!

The Jean Monnet Chair of Economic Analysis of European Law will strengthen teaching and research on European integration at Erasmus University and will make European integration studies more accessible for students and civil society groups.

Amongst the chair’s activities are:

Amongst the chair’s research activities are:

  • Regulatory competition between European legal orders;
  • Deregulation and liberalization of public utilities in the European Union;
  • European Governance and financial markets regulation (EURO-CEFG);
  • State aid control;
  • Behavioural approaches to contract and tort (BACT).
  • An interview with Prof.Dr. Heine on his Jean Monnet Chair can be read here.

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Prof.Dr. K. HeineAlberto Quintavalla
Law and Economics


Erasmus School of Law

Room:  J6-51

Erasmus University Rotterdam 

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Rik Posthuma 

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