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Minority Research Network | Mission

A Hub for Multidisciplinary Expertise on Minority Issues

MINORITY RESEARCH NETWORK will bring together qualified teams of professionals with different professional and academic background, the actual composition of the team each time depending on the particulars of the context concerned. A range of qualified people will be invited to join MINORITY RESEARCH NETWORK as associate researchers (committed to be available to work on ad hoc projects). Each will contribute their own network of expertise to be drawn on as needed. A register of expertise will be organised by discipline, region and specific kind of minority issue.

At the same time co-operation agreements will be sought with other national and international bodies, institutions and organizations working (inter alia) on minority (related) issues, like the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe, the European Centre on Minority Issues (ECMI), Minority Rights Group International, the European Academy (EURAC), the Arizona Indigenous Law and Policy Centre, the Fribourg Institute of Federalism, the Commission of Equal Treatment (Netherlands), Forum, and the Belgian Commission for Equality of Opportunities and Opposition to Racism. Especially the contacts with the national bodies (what countries, what degree of minority specificity) will expand as time goes on.

With several of these instances there are already contacts. Now we need to identify the most appropriate modes of cooperation.

Aim of the network

The main aim of the network will be to research and effectively address minority issues at large in an intellectually rigorous and context-sensitive manner.