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Plans for Master Program on Minority Protection

There are currently plans to develop a European Master Program with 4 European universities, which is intended to cover about 16 universities.

The four universities which are already included in the preparation are University of Strasbourg (France), Erasmus University of Rotterdam (Netherlands), University of Poznan (Poland) and Lund University (Sweden).

Currently the focus of the program is still on law but it already has obvious interdisciplinary ambitions (cf course overview). The cooperation of members of the Minority Power Hub would enhance this interdisciplinary feature.

Comments, suggestions and constructive criticism are welcomed.

The idea would be that the master program would be one year, the first half of which would be centralized at University of Strasbourg, the other half the students would disperse and be divided over the distinctive participating universities, depending on the specialization they are looking for.

The model of the European master on human rights and democratization would be followed, also for the application of funding.  

The envisaged courses would include the following:

  • A course on philosophy of human rights
  • A course on anthropology of law
  • A course on human rights: the basics
  • A comparative human rights course
  • Human rights and minority protection
  • A course/seminar on minority specific rights
  • International Law Advanced
  • Research Lab
  • Thesis
  • Citizenship and Identity
  • Migrations and transnationalism
  • Anthropology of Identity