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Kristin Henrard wants to develop a proposal for a VICI grant of the Dutch Foundation of National Research which is interdisciplinary in nature.

It is hence important to have input from other disciplines as the proposal is being developed and when the project is granted, also during the time of the project grant. Advisors of the non law disciplines will be important to ensure academic quality of the supervision of the PhD students and the post-doc. Some funding could even be taken up in the proposal to that effect.

The envisaged theme is Education: special but equal integration.
Ideas for sub-projects for Phd students or postdocs include:

  • Roma and education: special needs but no special schools
  • Mother tongue education v integrated education
  • Religion and education
  • Quota – minority presence in higher education

Disciplines other than law which would be important include:

  • Educational theory
  • Social linguistics
  • Philosophy (of law)

The input from members of the Minority Power Hub is welcomed and could be a (one of the) first attempt to work together within the time and commitment constraints of all the members.