Research Programmes
Monitoring Safety and Security


Dr J. uit Beijerse
Dr L.C.J. Bisschop
Prof. F.W. Bleichrodt
Prof. A.B. Blomberg
Prof. H. de Doelder
Dr G. van Eijk
J.C. Evers MA
Dr T.F.C. Fischer
Dr N.E. Haas
Dr M.G.J.L. Habets
Dr J.W. van der Hulst
Dr J.D.A. de Jong
Prof. mr. P.A.M. Mevis
Dr J.S. Nan
C. van Noortwijk LL.M.

Dr R. Pieterman
Dr J.V.A.G. Piret
L. Postma LL.M.
Prof. E.G.C. Rassin
Dr R.A. Roks
Prof. P.C. Spierenburg
Prof. R.H.J.M. Staring
Prof. S. Struijk
Prof. R. van Swaaningen
Dr G.N.G. Vanderveen
Dr J.T.M. Verhoeven
Prof. P.A.M. Verrest
Dr W. van der Wagen
Prof. F.M. Weerman
Dr C.G. van Wingerde
Dr M.J.F. van der Wolf

Current PhD projects

J.J.H. Beckers MA
Criminal sanctioning of corporate crime in the Netherlands

J.W. Hiah
Employment of Modern Slavery: Different Perspectives on informal Labour Relations in Chinese Niches and the impact of Human Trafficking policies on Chinese Entrepreneurship in the Netherlands and Romania

G .Hopster MA, J.D. Jaspers MSc, M.H. Kox MA, T.A.J. de Leeuw MA, L.E.J.A. Massé & C.A. Meerts MA
Corporate Security

Mw. E. di Molfetta LLM, S.S. Nabi MSc
Organized crime, and the role of informal financial arrangements, social cohesion and trust in communities of ethnic entrepreneurs

T.D. Peeters LL.M. and L. van Reemst MSc
Victimization among people with a public service task