dr. (Marijn) M. van der Sluis

Assistant Professor Erasmus School of Law International and European Union Law
Erasmus University Rotterdam

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      • T. Beukers & M. van der Sluis (2017). Differentiated Integration from the Perspective of Non-Euro Area Member States. In T. Beukers, B. De Witte & C. Kilpatrick (Eds.), Constitutional Change through Euro-Crisis Law (pp. Chapter 5). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
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      • M. van der Sluis (2017, november 16). Choosing Maastricht. European University Institute, Florence, Italy, European Journal Legal Studies 10th Anniversary Conference: "60 Years of European Integration: Reflections from Young Legal Scholars".
      • M. van der Sluis (2017, november 30). Accountability or Democracy? About the Framework of Analysis for Monetary Policymakers in the Eurozone. Erasmus University Rotterdam, Conference: Unpacking the ‘Accountability Paradox‘ in Expert-Based Decisionmaking.
      • M. van der Sluis (2017, mei 29). The Monetary Policy of the Eurozone: the Role of the ECB in the Crisis and Beyond. Dublin - University College Dublin -Sutherland School of Law, Conference: Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union 25 Years After the Creation.
      • M. van der Sluis (2017, juni 29). The Choice for Maastricht. Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (WZB), European Junior Faculty Forum for Public Law and.
  • Assistant Professor

    Erasmus University Rotterdam
    Erasmus School of Law
    International and European Union Law
    The Netherlands