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  • (Alexandre) APGCF Biard

    (Alexandre) APGCF Biard

  • mr. (Emma) EM van Gelder

    mr. (Emma) EM van Gelder

  • dr. (Jos) J Hoevenaars

    dr. (Jos) J Hoevenaars

  • mr.dr. (Pim) P Jansen

    mr.dr. (Pim) P Jansen

  • dr. (Betül) B Kas LL.M

    dr. (Betül) B Kas LL.M

    Betül Kas joined the Erasmus Law School in January 2020. She is post-doc researcher in the ERC Consolidator Project "Building EU civil justice: challenges of…
  • (Marta) MK Kolacz

    (Marta) MK Kolacz

  • (Xandra) XE Kramer (Xandra) XE Kramer

    Xandra Kramer is professor of Private Law at Erasmus School of Law. She combines this position with a parttime (0,2) professorship in Private International Law…
  • (Helen) HD Stout (Helen) HD Stout

  • mr. (Guido) GT Terpstra

    mr. (Guido) GT Terpstra

    Title of research: Reconstructing the Equality Principle in a Plural and Multicultural Society. Promotors: Prof. W. van der Burg and Dr. E.M. Galenkamp Certain…
  • dr. (Erlis) E Themeli LL.M

    dr. (Erlis) E Themeli LL.M

    Title of research: Competition of Civil Justice Systems in the European Union. Promotor: Prof. X.E. Kramer If two companies from Germany and Spain enter into a…

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