PhD Defences

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    Du Du

    A Comparative Study of Laws concerning Foreign Takeover Bids: China and the Netherlands

    Promotores: Prof. C.A. Schwarz & Prof. Y. Li

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    Dirk Heine

    Challenges and Solutions to Environmental Tax Reforms

    Promotores: Dr. E Aisbett, Prof.dr. A. Heise & Prof.dr. M.G. Faure LL.M.

  • M.F. Caporale Madi

    Regulating Vertical Agreements: A Comparative Law & Economics analysis of Brazil and Europe

    Promotores: Prof. R.J. van den Bergh and Prof. N.J. Philipsen

  • T. van Ruitenburg

    Raising Moral Barriers. An empirical study on the Dutch approach of outlaw motorcycle gangs.

    Promotores: Prof H.G. van de Bunt and Prof. J.T.M. Verhoeven

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    G.A.H. Bakhuis

    Autonomie, toezicht en interventie in de Caribische landen van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden.

    Promotores: Prof. L.J.J. Rogier

  • L. van Reemst

    Emergency responders at risk: an empirical analysis of the relationship between emergency responders' characteristics and their exposure to aggression by citizens.

    Promotores: Prof. H.G. van de Bunt and Prof. F. Weerman

  • J. Jaspers

    Cooperation against the law. Criminological study of the social organisation of business cartels.

    Promotores: Prof. H.G. van de Bunt and Prof. J.G. van Erp

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    G.T. Baak

    Mededinging en verzekeringsrecht.

    Promotores: Prof. N. van Tiggele- van der Velde and Prof. S. D. Lindenbergh

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    P. Wilinski

    Excess of Powers in International Commercial Arbitration.

    Promotores: Prof. F.J.M. de Ly and Prof. G.J. Meijer