PhD Defences

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    D. Veshi

    Refugee Flow: A law and economics approach.

    Promotores: Prof. M.G. Faure and Prof. E. Salzberger

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    M. Schaap

    Inclusionary Governance for International Institutions: Ensuring Accountability towards Individuals.

    Promotores: Prof. E. Hey and Prof. J.D. Temperman

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    S. Garcia Nelen

    De beursvennootschap, corporate governance en strategie. Over de machtsverhouding tussen het bestuur en de algemene vergadering van de beursvennootschap, in het bijzonder ten aanzien van strategische onderwerpen.

    Promotores: Prof. C.A. Schwarz and Prof.  B.F. Assink

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    S. Handke

    The UN Climate Regime’s Journey.

    Promotores: Prof. E. Hey and Prof. A. Arcuri

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    R.I. Reyes Reyes

    Better Regulation in Latin American Countries: A tool for accountability?

    Promotores: Prof. A.M. Pacces and dr. A. Renda

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    Q. Fu

    A Comparative Study of Minority Shareholder Protection in China, the US and the Netherlands.

    Promotores: Prof. Y. Li and Prof. M.J. van Ginneken

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    E.D. Martino

    Bank Governance and the Bail-in in the EU: A Law & Finance analysis on the role of bail-inable creditors.

    Promotores: Prof. A.M. Pacces and Prof. G.W. Ringe

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    Du Du

    A Comparative Study of Laws concerning Foreign Takeover Bids: China and the Netherlands

    Promotores: Prof. C.A. Schwarz & Prof. Y. Li

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    Dirk Heine

    Challenges and Solutions to Environmental Tax Reforms

    Promotores: Dr. E Aisbett, Prof.dr. A. Heise & Prof.dr. M.G. Faure LL.M.

  • M.F. Caporale Madi

    Regulating Vertical Agreements: A Comparative Law & Economics analysis of Brazil and Europe

    Promotores: Prof. R.J. van den Bergh and Prof. N.J. Philipsen

  • T. van Ruitenburg

    Raising Moral Barriers. An empirical study on the Dutch approach of outlaw motorcycle gangs.

    Promotores: Prof H.G. van de Bunt and Prof. J.T.M. Verhoeven

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    G.A.H. Bakhuis

    Autonomie, toezicht en interventie in de Caribische landen van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden.

    Promotores: Prof. L.J.J. Rogier

  • L. van Reemst

    Emergency responders at risk: an empirical analysis of the relationship between emergency responders' characteristics and their exposure to aggression by citizens.

    Promotores: Prof. H.G. van de Bunt and Prof. F. Weerman

  • J. Jaspers

    Cooperation against the law. Criminological study of the social organisation of business cartels.

    Promotores: Prof. H.G. van de Bunt and Prof. J.G. van Erp

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    G.T. Baak

    Mededinging en verzekeringsrecht.

    Promotores: Prof. N. van Tiggele - van der Velde and Prof. S. D. Lindenbergh

  • Graduation Cap - PhD Defences

    P. Wilinski

    Excess of Powers in International Commercial Arbitration.

    Promotores: Prof. F.J.M. de Ly and Prof. G.J. Meijer