Research in the Spotlight

Research in the Spotlight

  • Prof. Fabian Amtenbrink

    European Parliament Committee Meeting

    The objective of the workshop, which was very well-attended, was to provide a forum for discussion on possible consequences of Brexit on matters in competence of the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection. Prof. Amtenbrink spoke about Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and the EU legal framework for the Brexit. Part of the event was led by EP member Vicky Ford, chairperson of the influential Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO). The workshop aimed to offer IMCO Members a possibility to discuss legal and economic implications of withdrawal of the UK from the EU, as well as scenarios for future cooperation between the EU and the UK.

  • Dr. Tamar Fischer

    Onderzoek seksuele straatintimidatie

    Seksuele intimidatie zoals naroepen, sissen, in het nauw drijven of achtervolgen komt regelmatig voor onder de 1200 ondervraagde Rotterdamse vrouwen tussen de 18-45 jaar. Dit blijkt uit grootschalig onderzoek door criminologen dr. Tamar Fischer en dr. Natascha Sprado van Erasmus School of Law (EUR), in opdracht van de gemeente Rotterdam en de Kenniswerkplaats Leefbare Wijken.

  • Dr. Wouter Verheyen

    EUR-fellowship for Horizontal cooperation

    A €135.000,- EUR-fellowship grant has been awarded to Wouter Verheyen, PhD. This grant allows Verheyen, an expert in the field of Transport law, to conduct a three year research project on horizontal collaboration in logistics. Over the last years, Verheyen has gained expertise in research at the crossroads of law and logistics. This is also the case with this project, which not only aims to respond to logistic innovations, but also to be a catalyst for such innovations.

  • Prof. Xandra Kramer

    ERC Consolidator Grant

    In the next five years Xandra Kramer, Professor of European civil procedure at the Erasmus School of Law, will conduct research with three postdocs and two PhD researchers that will contribute to effective and equal access to justice for EU citizens. This project builds further on her NWO-VIDI research of 2010, and a EUR fellowship of 2004. Professor Kramer’s research aims to improve access to civil justice as guaranteed by the Human Rights Convention and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. Civil justice is under constant pressure resulting from the often high costs, complexity and long duration of civil procedures in many EU Member States. Key issues in the current efforts to bridge the access to justice gap at the EU and national level are digitalization of procedures, privatization of justice, an increased possibility of self-representation, and specialization of courts and procedures.

  • Prof. Sanne Taekema

    Rule of Law: Integrating normative and functional approaches

    In this project I work on a theoretical base for the rule of law which can incorporate both the idea of rule of law as a normative ideal and rule of law as an instrument for other goals. The theoretical background for this is a contextual and pragmatist theory of law.