China Law Centre


Erasmus School of Law has been engaged for many years in a number of research and educational activities with Chinese law schools and other institutions. In order to further structure and reinforce these relations, the Erasmus China Law Centre will expand the capacity of teaching and research on Chinese law, increase our competitiveness in instigating Chinese law-related projects, and strengthen our advisory work to the government and business community.

Our mission

  • Promote Chinese law research and education in the Netherlands;
  • Serve as a primary resource on legal cooperation between Dutch and Chinese academic institutions, government bodies, including coordinating training for Chinese staff in legal circles in international legal studies;
  • Facilitate an understanding of the Chinese legal system and its vital impact on international politics, law and business.

Our core activities

  • Promote and conduct joint academic research projects related to Chinese law topics. Apply the case of China in the broad context of the global trend of internationalisation of domestic legal systems or rule of law building in transitional states;
  • Develop projects together with Chinese institutions. Attract participation on the part of law firms and the Dutch business community. The Centre can provide legal opinions, assist in settling business disputes, and jointly organise seminars with law firms;
  • Supervise PhD candidates.