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Research programmes

Research programmes

Behavioural Approaches to Contract and Tort (BACT)

By thinking, deciding, and acting, we display behaviour, and in private law, this behaviour is relevant in more than one respect. At times, legislatures have preconceived ideas about behaviour and how private parties will respond to legislative intervention.

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Fiscal Autonomy and its boundaries (FAB)

Globalization and increased mobility have the effect that countries are less free, less autonomous than before when designing their tax system. The central question of this research programme is: Which external influences are there right now, have been in the past or might become relevant in the future on current tax law? And to which consequences has this led or will lead?

More information about our FAB Programme is available in Dutch only.

Lex Mercatoria (LM)

Lex Mercatoria: globalizing business law in the 21st century focuses on the effects of internationalization and globalization on corporate law. The objective of the research programme is to contribute to an optimal Dutch, European and international company law.

More information on our LM Programme is available in Dutch only.

Monitoring Safety and Security (MSS)

Safety and security are central issues in modern society. This programme aims to study various modes of governance of safety and security in financial, social, and economic systems through a broad and multidisciplinary approach.

More information on our MSS Programme.

Rethinking the Rule of Law (RRL)

This research programme is the framework for the cooperation of Erasmus School of Law scholars in constitutional and administrative law, criminal law, international law and European law, jurisprudence, and legal philosophy. The programme is focused on problems of the rule of law as the common theme.

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