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Current facets (Pre-Master)

  • Log in with your ERNA-id 12345abc (without!) and your password. If it is your first login, please use for the user name your RTNs-id en chose the option 'password forgotten/reset', fill in our work-email address and you'll receive the login information by mail. 
    Should you have any difficulties logging in, please contact Karin van Aken ( Will you kindly change your password after your first log in to p.e. your ERNA password.

  • Please use the option 'password forgotten/reset', fill in your work email address and you'll receive the log in information by mail. Should you have any difficulties login in, please contact Karin van Aken (

  • All publications that are significant for your personal page, your job evaluation conversation, the Sanders qualification and review reports. It's also important to upload, especially your academic output, to Repub. Uploading the full text is possible by using Personal Metis. After registering your publication you choose the button 'upload full text' in the bottom bar (last button). The UB will automatically add the repub-handle to your publication.

  • As Personal Metis is available online 24/7, you can register your publications at a moment that is convenient for you. On the basis of the publications registered in Personal Metis reports will be made for job evaluation conversations, the Sanders qualification, annual reports etc.

  • Authors can publish under several different names. The Metis database registers authors by means of a unique research number. It is possible to link several different names to this research number: a preference name (marked with a 'P' - preferred) and several aliases (marked by an 'A' - alias). If an author is visible with several different names in the Metis database please always select the name marked with a 'P'.

  • As there are certain rules how to register a journal in Metis, only the Metis administrator can add a journal to the journal list. If you want to add a journal to the journal list, please contact Karin van Aken (

  • In the memo 'Bewaking kwaliteit juridisch onderzoek' is stated clearly the definition of what is a academic of professional publication. This memo is only available in Dutch.

  • The registered publications show up on your personal page the next day.

  • There is a step by step guide available. But there is also an extensive 'Userguide' available in Personal Metis.

  • In Promas you can select your key publications by 'Research'. When your logged in in Personal Metis please choose profiles in top green bar. Choose 'Research' and mark your key publications.

  • It is possible and als preferable to show a picture on your personal page. The size of the picture may not exceed 1 MB and can be uploaded in Promas or the Metis administrator can upload the photo for you (Karin van Aken, If your picture isn't visible on your personal page it is possible you have not yet given permission for your picture to be shown. Your can give permmission by going to the 'old' Sin-Online personal page (choose 'Staff ESL') and select 'Personal Data Protection Act' on the left side of the webpage. After logging in you are able to tick off 'Publication photo'.

  • Approval is given afterwards (in February/March of the following year) based on a print out of the publications registered in Personal Metis. The programme director or section leader approve that a registered academic publication is indeed an academic publication according to the definition given in the memo 'Bewaking kwaliteit juridisch onderzoek'.