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Prof. dr Michael G. Faure LL.M.

Prof. dr Louis T. Visscher LL.M.

General Director
Prof. dr Roger J. Van den Bergh

General Manager RILE & EDLE
Marianne Breijer

Management Assistant RILE & EDLE
Ipek Ören

Secretary RILE & EDLE
Sanne Nordbjorn

EMLE Assistant Director
Wicher Schreuders M.A.

General Manager EMLE 
Ilva Putzier

Management Assistant EMLE
Klaudyna Mikolajczyk

Full professors 
Prof. dr Christoph W. Engel
Prof. dr Michael G. Faure LL.M.
Prof. dr Klaus Heine
Prof. dr Jonathan M. Klick
Prof. dr Patrick C. Leyens LL.M.
Prof. dr Sharon Oded
Prof. dr Alessio M. Pacces
Prof. dr Niels J. Philipsen
Prof. dr Roger J. van den Bergh
Prof. dr Louis T. Visscher LL.M.

Associate Professors
Dr Ann-Sophie M.I.B. Vandenberghe
Dr Pieter T.M. Desmet

Assistant Professors
Dr Peter D.N. Camesasca

Dr Marco Fabbri
Dr Elena Kantorowicz-Reznichenko
Dr Chris P. Reinders Folmer

Dr Jef De Mot

Visiting Scholars

  • Aveek Chakravarty (University of Turin) (15 feb 2018-31 mar 2018)
  • Thi Minh Hang Hoang (Bocconi University, Italy) (Feb 2018-May 2018)
  • Yifat Nahmias (Bar-Ilan University, Israel) (Jan 2018-April 2018)
  • Dr. Fatih Deyneli (Pamukkale University, Turkey) (September 2017-July 2018)
  • Dinh Khuong Duy (Bocconi University) (April 2017-June 2017)
  • Dr. Fatih Deyneli (Pamukkale University, Turkey) (June-July 2016)
  • Tessa Haesevoets (University of Gent, Belgium) (March 2016)
  • Prof. Claire Hill (University of Minnesota, Faculty of Law, USA) (March 2016)
  • Prof. Israel Gilead (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) (October 2015)
  • Dr. Fatih Deyneli (Pamukkale University, Turkey) (July 2015)
  • Dr. Yun-Chien Chang (Institutum Iurisprudentiae, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan (June 2015)
  • Prof. Raja Angara (School of Economics, University of Hyderabad) (3 March 2015 - 3 May 2015)
  • Prof. Jiye Hu (China University of Political Science and Law) (October 2014 - November 2014)
  • Ass. Prof. Adam Badawi ( Washington University Law, USA) (March 2014 - April 2014)
  • Prof. Claire Hill (University of Minnesota, Faculty of Law, USA) (February 2014 - March 2014)
  • Jeroen Luyten (University of Antwerp, Belgium) (January 2014)
  • (Vilnius University, Faculty of Law, Lithuania) (September - October 2013) 
  • Dr. Vikas Kumar (Azim Premji University, Bangalore) (September 2013)
  • Ass.Prof. Qi (George) Zhou (School of Law, University of Leeds) (ESL Distinguished International Visitor)
  • Ass.Prof. Kai Purnhagen (University Wageningen, Law and Governance Group) (ESL Distinguished International Visitor)
  • Prof. Jason Scott Johnston (University of Virginia School of Law) (June 2013)
  • Chiara Provvedi (PhD student in Law of Business and Commerce at the Commercial University Luigi Bocconi, Milan, Italy) (January 2013 - March 2013)
  • Jing Zhang (University of Beijing, China) (September 2012 - December 2013)
  • Dr. Qi Zhou (Lecturer in the School of Law of The University of Sheffield, UK) (September - December 2012)
  • Gaia Massari (PhD student on corporate and tributary law with Professor Concetta Brescia-Morra at LUISS Guido Carli in Rome) (October - December 2012)
  • Ass.Prof. Nadezhda Butakova (Civil and Labour Law Department, North-West Academy of Public Administration, Saint-Petersburg, Russia) (June 2012)
  • Xiaoqi Zhao (Erasmus China Law Center - China University of Political Science and Law) (November 2011 - May 2012)
  • Ass.Prof. Dr. Magdalena Flatscher-Thöni (The Health and Life Sciences University) (October 2011-February 2012)
  • Dr. Andri Wibisana (Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia) (October 2011 - January 2012)
  • Dr. Stefan Stöckl (Senior Researcher at the University of Augsburg, Germany) (August 2011)
  • Dr. Maria Pastore (Post-doctoral Research Fellowship, University of Bari, Italy) (June - December 2011)
  • Ass.Prof. Assaf Hamdani  (Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel) (April - May 2011)
  • Dr. Florian Baumann (Research Assistant at the Faculty of Law of the University of Tübingen) (March - May 2011)
  • Ass.Prof. Mitja Kovač (Faculty of Economics, Chair of Law, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) (March 2011)
  • Prof. Guangdong Xu (Research Center for Law and Economics of China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing, China) (January - March 2011)
  • Dr. Jef De Mot (Ghent University, Dept "Grondslagen en Geschiedenis van het Recht") (December 2010 - February 2011)
  • Dr. Hila Nevo (Israel) (October - November 2010)
  • Ass.Prof. Bogdan Kryvolapov (Institute of International relations, Dept of International Law, Kiev National Shevchenko University, Ukraine) (April - June 2010)
  • Prof. Palanichamy Babu (Dean of Graduate Studies at Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR), Mumbai, India) (October - November 2009)
  • Prof. Iraj Babaei (University Allameh Tabatabaii Tehran, Iran) (April - July 2009)
  • Alexandre Biard, RILE Affiliated Member

Erasmus China Law Center (ECLC)- RILE PhD candidates

  • Cheng Bian, Comparative Analysis on National Security Review Systems of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions in China, the USA and the EU
  • Shu Li, Rethinking Intellectual Property Law in the Age of Disruptive Technology: 3D printing and its implications
  • Yayun Shen, Building Green under Holistic Legal Regime in China: A Comparative Study on Green Building Law
  • Xiao (Sarah) Xun, Directors' Duties and Liabilities in Corporate Law in China
  • Jinyue Zhang, The Agency Costs of Mutual Funds in China - from a Law and Economics Perspective

Rotterdam EDLE PhD Candidates and their research topics

  • Maria Fernanda Caporale Madi
    Shadow mergers and acquisitions: a comparative study of the implication of outsourcing arrangements for merger control policies
  • Elena Demidova (Erasmus Mundus)
    Takeover Regulation in the Developing Economies: The Case of Russia
  • Ifrah Jameel
    The Impact of Capital Regulation on Innovative Banking in Emerging Economies – An Empirical Analysis
  • Chih-Ching Lan
    Climate Change Mitigation Policy Instrument-Mixes in Developing Countries' Forestry Sector 
  • Tomasz Mielniczuk (Erasmus Mundus)
    Agency problems and solutions in anti-cartel enforcement
  • Bernold Nieuwesteeg
    The Economics of Cyber Security Law
  • Shivans Rajput
    Maximum Retail Price – A Law and Economics Analysis
  • Renny Reyes
    Regulatory Governance Cycle: The proposal for Latin-American developing countries
  • Joé Rieff
    Increased Fiscal Coordination between European Member States: A necessity to further market integration?
  • Nan Yu
    Mandatory Dividend in the Stock Market: A Comparative Law and Economics Analysis

Other EDLE PhD Candidates and their research topics  

  • Ritchelle Alburo, The Choice of Ownership Arrangement and Performance of Water Utilities in the Philippines: Towards a Normative Approach
  • Bashir Assi, Regulation and Optimal Incentives in the European Investment Funds Industry
  • Cintia Bezerra de Melo Pereira Nunes, Administered Contracts for Petroleum Extraction in Brazil
  • Stephen Billion, Regulating Retirement Savings: An Evolutionary Psychology Approach
  • Danny Blaustein, The Venture Capital Cycle & Venture Capital Contracting in Europe
  • Mulugeta Asefa Bogale: Labor Regulation, Informality and Economic Growth in SSA: An Empirical Analysis
  • Salvini Datta, Ex Ante Regulation and muEx Post Liability in the Pharmaceutical industry
  • Mostafa Talal Atef El Far, International Economic Law and Domestic Legistlations in MENA region: Egypt, Jordan and Morocco
  • Marwa Elabhar, The Political Economy of competition policy in Authoritarian regimes 
  • Thiago De Araujo Fauvrelle, A Law and Economics analysis of the sovereign bonds' market
  • Damiano Giacometti, Three Articles on the Credence Good Market of Taxi Rides. On Taxi Drivers’ Fraudulent Behaviour, Trust and Administrative Process against Taxi driver’s Fraud.
  • Yugank Goyal, Institutions of Informal Markets: Select Experience from India
  • Cicek Gurkan, The Role of Banks for Corporate Governance
  • Dirk Heine, Optimal institutional setup for environmental fiscal policy considering interactioneffects with environmental law pursued by other institutions and labour market consequences
  • Gemelee Hirang, Non-Tariff Barriers and Regional Integration: A study on the Strengths and Weaknesses of the ASEAN Economic Blueprint
  • Xufeng Jia, Economic Analysis of Chinese Overseas M&A
  • Bryan Kareem Khan, Optimal Scope for Rights of Broadcasting Organisations
  • Ekaterine Lomtatidze, An Economics Analysis of Justifiacibility of Social Rights
  • Maximiliano Marzetti, The Elusive Rationale of Trade Mark Dilution
  • Valerijus Ostrovskis, Multilateral Trading Facilities and Their Impact on European Financial Markets
  • Maria Carolina Pena Madeira Gouveia De Campos, Nudging - Long-term effectiveness and viability 
  • Peng Peng, Platform Competition in Search Engine Market
  • Daniel Pi, Foundations of Law and Economics
  • Filippo Roda,Economic Analysis of Law – Fee-shifting Rules in Litigation.
  • Maria Pia Sacco, Optimal deterrence of International Bribery
  • Denard Veshi, The European management of refugees' movement
  • Shuo Wang, Patent litigation in China
  • Akiva Weiss, Post-Conflict Courts 
  • Federico Wesselhoefft, Multiparty Contracts & Non Recourse Finance (Project Finance) Law and Economics
  • Orlin Yalnazov, The Choice of Remedy for Breach of Contract