Erasmus Early-Career Scholars Conference 2018

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The PhD in Law Association Rotterdam (PILAR) organizes the Erasmus Early-Career Scholars Conference to be held on 11, 12 and 13 April 2018. The Conference is supported by Erasmus School of Law (ESL), Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Faculty of Philosophy (FW) and the Erasmus Trustfund of the Erasmus University Rotterdam under the Erasmus Initiative ‘Dynamics of Inclusive Prosperity’. The purpose of this conference is to create an innovative and interdisciplinary discussion forum and open a new dialogue among junior scholars from different disciplines. The theme of the conference is:

“New business models and globalized markets: Rethinking public and private responsibilities”

In recent years, globalized markets and new business models have raised questions on whether governments, regulators and entrepreneurs should reshape their approaches towards public and private governance. Technologies are changing rapidly, digital economies have emerged, and markets have become more integrated. These developments have been accompanied by increases in social inequality and financial turbulence. This framework calls for a reflection on innovative legal and non-legal approaches, and on the balance between public and private responsibilities.

This topic refers to the legal, economic and societal responses to challenges posed by globalized markets and their effect on social inclusion and sustainable growth. Yet, the concept “public and private responsibilities” should be considered broadly. It can relate to different kinds of doctrines, regulations and policies. The conference aims to bring together junior scholars to discuss strategies and international trends in public and private governance from an interdisciplinary perspective. The wide scope of the conference’s topic will trigger discussions in the fields of social science. The subsequent discussions will enable early-career academics to: (i) contribute with theoretical and/or empirical references; (ii) gather relevant case studies; and (iii) identify recent debates in academia, new trends and drawbacks in social science studies that have arisen with globalization.

Confirmed Key Note Speakers

Professor Jonathan Klick, University of Pennsylvania & Erasmus School of Law

Jonathan Klick is a Professor of Law. His scholarship has been published in numerous peer-reviewed economics journals, including The Journal of economic Perspectives and The Journal of Law & Economics. He is currently one of the Editors of International Review of Law and Economics. He
teaches, among other courses, Law & Economics, Torts, and Corporations.

Mirian Kennet, Green Economics Institute and Oxford University

Miriam Kennet is an economist, Co-founder and CEO of the Green Economics Institute. She also founded and edits the International Journal of Green Economics, the first peer-reviewed international journal in the area. Having researched at Oxford University, Oxford Brookes and South Bank
University, she is a member of Mansfield College and the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University. In October 2011, Kennet was nominated as one of One World Action’s 100 Most Powerful Women.

Professor Katharina Pistor, Columbia Law School

Katharina Pistor is a Professor of Law at Columbia Law School and Director of the Law School’s Center on Global Legal Transformation. Her research and teaching spans corporate law, corporate governance, money and finance, property rights, and comparative law and legal institutions. She teaches, among other courses, Corporate Law and Finance, Corporations and Law and development.

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Register now!

PILAR kindly invites you to participate in this Erasmus Early-Career Scholars Conference 2018. Participation in the conference is free for early-birds who register before the 1st of March; after this date, a registration fee of € 25,- is required. Registration and payment should be received by April 1 through the following link.