PILAR represents PhD Candidates within the Erasmus University and the Law Faculty. It serves as a platform for ideas on how to improve educational programs, research and working conditions. PILAR conducts surveys among PhD Candidates, compiles the results and prepares reports for Erasmus Graduate School of Law. 

Education & Research Targets

In order to maintain excellence and satisfy the needs of the PhD Candidates from all departments of Erasmus School of Law, PILAR engages in the evaluation of the educational program of EGSL in general and of individual courses in particular. In fulfilling this aim, PILAR acknowledges two main objectives. Firstly, the educational program should facilitate individual needs of PhD Candidates. Secondly, in the light of the growing need of interdisciplinarity, the educational program should incentivize PhD Candidates to take courses from other faculties of Erasmus University. 

Promotion Targets

One of the objectives of PILAR is to promote the projects of PhD Candidates within and outside academia. That is for the following three reasons. Firstly, the research projects conducted at the Erasmus School of Law have significant societal and economic implications and therefore might support market practices or policy making. Secondly, the aim of the promotion is to create contacts between PhD Candidates and market or governmental representatives and thus to facilitate the future employability of PhD researchers. Thirdly, the promotion might help PhD candidates to create or expand their (academic) network outside Erasmus University.

One of such initiatives is the PhD Guide presenting the profiles of the PhD Candidates of the Erasmus School of Law. Click here for the PhD Guide.


Even though PhD Candidates work on individual projects, a strong network can be highly beneficial for discussion, feedback and fostering collaboration. To achieve this and make the research community more active, PILAR contributes to building a productive research environment by organizing monthly PhD meetings.

At these meetings PhD Candidates have the chance to exchange ideas with colleagues from other departments of the Law Faculty and colleagues from different faculties of the Erasmus University. PILAR also maintains contact with other associations and institutions at Erasmus University, e.g. EPAR and Young@EUR. The networking events are of informal nature and take place either at the Woudestein Campus or in the city center of Rotterdam.