The EGSL Director, Prof. Klaus Heine, is in charge of the management of EGSL and is responsible to the Dean of Research. The Director discusses relevant matters in meetings of the Board of Research at Erasmus School of Law.

Next to that EGSL has three PhD Coordinators, Prof. Peter Mascini, Dr. Federica Violi and Dr. Koen Swinnen. One of them has a special role: Federica Violi is responsible for the Educational Programme.

EGSL invites PhD researchers for an introduction meeting at the start of the probationary year. Further on in the PhD trajectory, the Confidential Counsellor invites all PhD researchers for a talk on a yearly basis. If needed, the PhD Coordinators can always be approached regarding confidential or practical matters.

The EGSL Policy Advisor and School Coordinator, Wilma Puper, assists EGSL on strategic points and coordinates the ins and outs of EGSL(-activities), supports the board members in their activities for EGSL and organizes the EGSL-events and Educational Programme. The team is supported by a student-assistant.

Should you wish to learn more about EGSL, contact us at

From the left to the right: Dr. Koen Swinnen, Wilma Puper, Prof. Peter Mascini, Dr. Federica Viola, Prof. Klaus Heine.

Dr Koen Swinnen
PhD Coordinator 

Dr Federica Violi
PhD Coordinator

Wilma Puper
School Coordinator/Policy Advisor

For any questions about the programme or EGSL please contact our school coordinator.

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