Erasmus Graduate School of Law

PhD Defences

Arbitrator and Arbitral Institutions: Liability and Insurance.

24-06-2021 | Promotores: Prof. F.J.M. de Ly and M.W. Scheltema

The Impact of the Damages Directive on the Enforcement of EU Competition Law - A Law and Economics Analysis.

04-06-2021 | Promotores: Prof. R. Van den Bergh and Prof. L. Visscher

National Identities and Common Policies – A case study of the European Union.

03-06-2021 | Promotores: Prof. R. Van den Bergh and Prof. K. Heine

Project Finance Contracts: Strategic analyses for legal institutionalisation.

21-05-2021 | Promotores: Prof. M.G. Faure and Prof. P.C. Leyens

Lura novit curia en buitenlands recht: Een rechtsvergelijkend en Europees perspectief.

29-04-2021 | Promotores: Prof.dr. F.J.M. De Ly en G.J. Meijer

Injustices under the shield of the law: An exploratory study of judicial practices towards foreign defendants in an Italian criminal court.

23-04-2021 | Promotores: Prof. R.H.J.M. Staring and Prof. R. van Swaaningen

Douanewaarde in een globaliserende wereld.

01-04-2021 | Promotores: Prof. W. de Wit en Prof. M.M.W.D. Merkx

Misschien was het nog te vroeg: De regeling van de schriftelijke wilsverklaring euthanasie in artikel 2, tweede lid, Wtl vanuit een strafrechtelijk perspectief.

01-04-2021 | Promotores: P.A.M. Mevis en Prof.dr. A. van der Heide

Bank Crisis Management and State Aid in the EU: A comparative Law and Economics analysis of bank resolution, precautionary recapitalisation and bank liquidation.

01-04-2021 | Promoteres: Prof. Marco Lamandini and Prof. Alessio Pacces

Policy Transplantation for Smart City Initiative.

19-03-2021 | Promotores: Prof. W.M. de Jong and Prof. E.F. Stamhuis

At the intersection of Behavioural Economics, Nudging and Regulation: Rethinking the process of nudge design for regulation.

26-02-2021 | Promotores: Prof. K. Heine and Dr F. Weber

The Quest for Product Safety in the Context of 3D Printing: A Law and Economics Analysis.

12-02-2021 | Promotores: Prof. K. Heine and Prof. M.G. Faure

The Deadlock in European GM Crop Authorisations as a Wicked Problem by Design: A need for Repoliticisation of the Decision-making Process.

28-01-2021 | Promotores: Prof. W. van der Burg and Prof. F.W.A. Brom

Knocking on Arbitrators’ Doors: Legal standing of controlled entities in investment treaty arbitration.

08-01-2021 | Promotores: Prof. M.G. Faure and Prof. Y. Li

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