During a PhD

You can find general information about (defending) your PhD thesis at the Erasmus University Rotterdam on the website of the Beadles Office. If you still have questions about PhD defences, questions regarding doctoral regulations or other questions, please send an email to EGSL: egsl@law.eur.nl.

Grants & Funding

There are some funding sources available to (junior and senior) researchers. Please contact Wilma Puper or Daria Ratsiborinskaya for more information about National funding opportunities, European funding opportunities and international grant schemes and funds.

PhD researchers who want to go abroad might be eligible to get funding from  Erasmus+. On the intranet, PhD researchers can also find information about financial matters in general. EGSL also holds an annual competition: the Call for Ideas. The best idea for a conference will be rewarded with a maximum of 5000 euro and secretarial assistance in order to realize the idea.

Activities throughout the PhD programme

PhD researchers will be involved in national and international scientific and social activities and encouraged to develop their own initiatives. EGSL organizes various lunch meetings. In these meetings, one PhD researcher tells about his or her research. Every PhD researcher is expected to present his or her research twice during the PhD trajectory.  Next, PhD researchers present their research during the Kick off meeting, at the start of their PhD trajectory, and after a few months, in May, during Review Day. In their second year, PhD researchers prepare a poster presentation. The graduate school also organizes several meetings and workshops where a range of speakers share their experiences and provide information about applications or procedures, for example concerning the organisation of a research stay abroad, publication strategies, or career opportunities after obtaining the PhD degree. For more information about the scheduled meetings, we refer to the course schedule on Canvas.


Each PhD researcher is assigned to two (co)supervisors (promotors), a daily supervisor (if applicable) and a doctorate committee. This supervisory team will follow and monitor the PhD researcher throughout the four-year. EGSL has defined three main moments of evaluation: at the end of the first, probationary, year, and in the 28th month and the 40th month after the start of the second phase appointment. Each evaluation is made by the doctorate committee. 

Promotor and daily supervisor

In the Training and Supervision Plan, specific arrangements about guidance are laid down.

Doctorate committee

The doctorate committee is appointed to ensure the academic quality of PhD researchers as well as the monitoring of his or her progress. The doctoral committee consists of the cosupervisors, two senior researchers (including at least one professor and at least one senior researcher who is not a member of the research department with which the PhD or one of the supervisors is affiliated), plus the EGSL Director or one of the EGSL PhD Coordinators.

Course Managing your PhD

EGSL organises a course for PhD researchers on managing your PhD, e.g. how to collaborate with their supervisors (3 EC), in which common experiences can be exchanged on the aspects that are involved in being a PhD researcher. Check the educational programme for more information about this course.

EGSL guidance

Each PhD researcher will be invited by  EGSL for an introduction meeting. On a yearly basis all PhD researchers, further on in the PhD trajectory, are invited for an informal talk with the EGSL Confidential Counselor. If needed, the EGSL Confidential Counselor or one of the PhD coordinators can always be approached for confidential or practical matters.

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