PhD in Law Association Rotterdam


Welcome on the page of PILAR. PILAR stands for “PhD in Law Association Rotterdam” and is the association of PhD Candidates of the Erasmus School of Law. PILAR is a voluntary participatory body, representing all PhDs from all disciplines of Erasmus School of Law. The PILAR board represents all PhDs, by means of direct participation, evaluation, and involvement in the policy making of the Erasmus (Graduate) School of Law.

Since 1987, PILAR’s main aim has been to contribute to building a productive environment and useful network for PhD Candidates, by organizing social activities. More recently, PILAR has been engaging in the representation of PhD Candidates within the Erasmus University and in the Law Faculty and cooperating with Erasmus Graduate School of Law on joint professional initiatives.

What does PILAR do?

  • Represents the Erasmus School of Law PhD Candidates within the University and in the Faculty
  • Cooperates with EGSL on  joint initiatives
  • Organises monthly PhD drinks (every last Thursday of the month)
  • Organises the annual Happy New Year-dinner
  • Organises the PILAR Summer-dinner
  • Organises other non-regular social activities

PILAR also maintains contact with EPAR (Association of all the PhD researchers of the Erasmus University Rotterdam) and keeps Law PhD researchers updated on the EPAR activities, including the PhD of the Year Award.

All Erasmus School of Law PhD researchers are ‘automatically’ PILAR-members, but in order to stay up to date on our activities, we ask you to subscribe to the PILAR-Channel on SIN-online and join PILAR’s group on Facebook. If you have any suggestions for future PILAR activities, let us know by email below or tell us in person. PhD researchers who are interested to become active in the PILAR Board can contact us directly for more information or have a look at the PhD Guide 2016We hope to meet you at one of the PILAR activities! 


Even though PhD Candidates work on individual projects, a strong network can be highly beneficial for discussion, feedback and fostering collaboration. To achieve this and make the research community more active, PILAR contributes to building a productive research environment by organizing monthly PhD meetings.

At these meetings, PhD Candidates have the chance to exchange ideas with colleagues from other departments of the Law Faculty and colleagues from different faculties of the Erasmus University. PILAR also maintains contact with other associations and institutions at Erasmus University, e.g. EPAR and Young@EUR. The networking events are of informal nature and take place either at the Woudestein Campus or in the city centre of Rotterdam. 


The current PILAR Board is composed of Michelle de Vries, Du Du, Eleonora di Molfetta,  Maria Fernanda Caporale Madi, Sophia Paulini, Georgia Antonopoulou, Liam Wells and Josje de Vogel.


PhD researchers from Erasmus School of Law are kindly asked to contact PILAR to be added to the mail list. Everybody who wants to cooperate with the association, has questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us: