Research Institutes
Erasmus China Law Centre


Director ECLC
Yuwen Li
E-mail | room L7-009


Ipek Ören & Sanne Nordbjorn
E-mail | room L7-041

International Relations Manager

Hanz Zwart


Professors Associated with us

  • Foto van Gao Hongjun

    Professor of Sociology of Law, Tsinghua University

    Gao Hongjun

  • Foto van Ji Weidong

    Professor of Comparative Law,

    Dean of KoGuan Law School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    Ji Weidong

  • Lin Lihong

    Professor of Administrative Law,

    Director Center for Protection of the Rights for Disadvantaged Citizens

    Lin Lihong

  • Lu Song

    Professor of International Law,

    Dean of Law Faculty and Director of Institute of International Law, China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU)

    Lu Song

  • Lu Zhongmei

    Professor of Environmental Law,

    President of Hubei University of Economics

    Lu Zhongmei

  • Wang Xigen

    Professor of Legal Theory,

    Vice Dean of Law School of Wuhan University

    Wang Xigen

  • Wang Zhengmin

    Professor of Constitutional Law,

    Dean, Tsinghua University School of Law

    Wang Zhengmin

  • Ye Jingyi

    Professor of Labour Law

    Ye Jingyi