Working Paper Series

RILE-BACT Working Papers

The RILE-BACT Working Paper Series collects all research carried out in the Rotterdam Institute of Law and Economics since 2008. Since 2015 this working paper series also includes research conducted within Behavioural Approaches to Contract and Tort (BACT). It hosts the research papers by the RILE staff, BACT staff and the work-in-progress by the PhD candidates of the European Doctorate of Law and Economics (EDLE). External participants to the EDLE seminars are also encouraged to submit the background papers of their presentations.

The purpose of this collection is stimulating international discussion on the broad range of subjects in which RILE and BACT are engaged. To this purpose, research papers are only collected in English and the authors are encouraged to post them also on SSRN. Authors of papers in Law and Economics are welcome to submit a proposal for the EDLE seminars, whose acceptance will make the background paper eligible for inclusion in the RILE Working Paper Series.

Papers submitted for the RILE-BACT Working Paper Series will have to include an abstract of max 300 words, a list of keywords, and the JEL classification. We kindly request the authors to ask permission to keep the working paper accessible on the Internet after publication.

For submitting a paper, please send an e-mail.