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Behavioural Approaches to Contract and Tort

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  • Foto van Cheng Bian

    PhD Defence - Cheng Bian

    National Security Review Regimes of Foreign Investment: A comparative study in China, the US and the EU

  • Stockfoto van windmolenpark

    Guest lecture prof. Christine Parker

    Labelling for Sustainable, Healthy, Fair Food Systems? A Critical Evaluation of the Democratic Governance Capacity of Political Consumerism

  • Foto van Maximiliano Marzetti

    PhD Defence - Maximiliano Marzetti

    The Law and Economics of the ‘Domaine Public Payant’: A case-study of the Argentinian system

  • Photo of Ritchelle Alburo

    PhD Defence - Ritchelle Alburo

     Ownership Choice, Contracts and Regulation: Forestalling ownership irrelevance: A Law and Economics perspective