Research Programmes
Behavioral Approaches to Contract and Tort


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Participants of Behavioural Approaches to Contract and Tort: Relevance for Policymaking

Prof. R.J. Van den Bergh
Prof. Dr K.W.H. Broekhuizen
Dr P.D.N. Camesasca
Dr P.T.M. Desmet
Prof. C.W. Engel
Prof. dr. Liesbeth Enneking
Prof. M.G. Faure
Prof. K. Heine
Dr. E. Kantorowicz-Reznichenko
Prof. J.M. Klick
Prof. X.E. Kramer
Prof. S.D. Lindenbergh LL.M.
Prof. P.C. Leyens
Prof. P. Mascini

Prof. dr. Sharon Oded
Prof. A.M. Pacces
Prof. J.J. Rachlinski
Dr C.P. Reinders Folmer
Dr N.J. Philipsen
Prof. H.N. Schelhaas LL.M.
Prof. M.W. Scheltema LL.M.
Prof. Dr C.A. Schwarz
Dr. Koen Swinnen
Dr A.M.I.B. Vandenberghe
Prof. L.T. Visscher LL.M.
Dr R. Westrik

PhD students

Georgia Antonopoulou

Yong-Fu Chang
Economic Analysis of Constitutional Environmental Protection and Its Implementation

Elena Demidova (Erasmus Mundus)
Takeover Regulation in Developing Economies: The Case of Russia

Evelien Engelhard
Improvement initiatives to the personal injury claims process in different jurisdictions. A search for success factors.

Marnix Hebly
The Assessment of Damages and the Effect of Time

Ifrah Jameel
The Impact of Capital Regulation on Innovative Banking in Emerging Economies – An Empirical Analysis

Chih-Ching Lan
A Law and Economics Perspective on Climate Change Mitigation Policy Instruments by developing Countries using a sectoral Approach

Tomasz Mielniczuk (EM)
Agency problems and solutions in anti-cartel enforcement

Bernold Nieuwesteeg
The Economics of Cyber Security Law

Alina Ontanu
Uniform European Procedures, a way to Efficient Cross-border Litigation and Enforcement? A Comparative Research

Kuang-Jung Peng
‘Legal issues with financial technologies’

Alberto Quintavalla
Building a New Water Policy: Giving Water it's Full Value

Shivans Rajput (EM)
Maximum Retail Price – Analyzing its Anti-Competitive Effects

Joe Rieff
Increased Fiscal Coordination between European Member States: A necessity to further market integration?

Alessandro Romano
The Role of Probability in Modern Tort Law

Femke Ruitenbeek-Bart
But what about the tortfeasor? Understanding the missing link in the relational restoration of personal injury victims

Aster Schreuder
The normative aspects of the assessment of damages

Erlis Themeli
Civil justice competition and choice of court in the EU

Ilja Tillema
Third Party Funding of Mass Litigation and its Influence on the Conduct of Mass Litigation

Nan Yu (EM)
Mandatory Dividend in the Stock Market: A comparative Law and Economics Analysis

External PhD students

EDLE with Bologna or Hamburg as home university

  • Bashir AssiRegulation and Optimal Incentives in the European Investment Funds Industry
  • Ritchelle Alburo, The Choice of Ownership Arrangement and Performance of Water Utilities in the Philippines: Towards a Normative Approach
  • Cintia Bezerra de Melo Pereira NunesAdministered Contracts for Petroleum Extraction in Brazil
  • Mulugeta Asefa Bogale, Labor Regulation, Informality and Economic Growth in SSA: An Empirical Analysis
  • Danny Blaustein, The Venture Capital Cycle & Venture Capital Contracting in Europe
  • Salvini DattaEx ante regulation and ex post liability in the Pharmaceutical industry
  • Damiano Giacometti, Three Articles on the Credence Good Market of Taxi Rides. On Taxi Drivers’ Fraudulent Behaviour, Trust and Administrative Process against Taxi driver’s Fraud
  • Cicek Gurkan, The Role of Banks for Corporate Governance
  • Dirk Heine, Optimal institutional setup for environmental fiscal policy considering interaction effects with environmental law pursued by other institutions and labour market consequences
  • Tobias Hlobil, The Law and Economics of Judging
  • Xufeng Jia, Economic Analysis of Chinese Overseas M&A
  • Bryan Kareem KhanOptimal Scope for Rights of Broadcasting Organisations
  • Min Lin, Law and Economics on Intellectual Property Collateralization
  • Ekaterine Lomtatidze, An Economics Analysis of Justifiability of Social Rights
  • Valerijus Ostrovskis, Multilateral Trading Facilities and Their Impact on European Financial Markets
  • Peng Peng, Platform Competition in Search Engine Market
  • Filippo Roda, Economic Analysis of Law – Fee-shifting Rules in Litigation.
  • Daniel PiFoundations of Law and Economics
  • Maria Pia Sacco, Optimal deterrence of International Bribery
  • Shuo Wang, Patent litigation in China
  • Akiva Weiss, Institutional Solutions to Civil War
  • Federico Wesselhoefft, Multiparty Contracts & Non Recourse Finance (Project Finance) Law and Economics
  • Orlin Yalnazov, Essays on Precedent and Statute 

PhD students from the China Law Centre

Cheng Bian
Comparative Analysis on National  Security Review Systems of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions in China, USA and EU

Shu Li
Building a Fair-balancing System of Copyright Enforcement in Cyberspace - Lessons for China from the EU Experience

Yayun Shen
A Joint Use of Legal and Policy Instrument to Promote GB compliance

Xun (Sarah) Xiao
Director's Duties and Liabilities in China


Alexandre Biard
Marco Fabbri 
Jos Hoevenaars
Erlis Themeli