Research Programmes
Monitoring Safety and Security

PhD Projects

Current PhD projects

Mr. G.A.H. Bakhuis
Curaçao and Sint Maarten: Under intensified supervision of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Drs. J.J.H. Beckers
Criminal sanctioning of corporate crime in the Netherlands

A. Bouabid
Mods and Mocros: Strategies Used by Moroccan Youth in the Netherlands and Belgium to Cope with their Representation in the Media

Mw. J.W. Hiah
Employment of Modern Slavery: Different Perspectives on informal Labour Relations in Chinese Niches and the impact of Human Trafficking policies on Chinese Entrepreneurship in the Netherlands and Romania

Drs. G .Hopster, J.D. Jaspers MSc, Mw. M.H. Kox MA, Drs. T.A.J. de Leeuw, Mw. L.E.J.A. Massé & Mw. drs. C.A. Meerts
Corporate Security

Mw. E. di Molfetta LLM, S.S. Nabi MSc
Organized crime, and the role of informal financial arrangements, social cohesion and trust in communities of ethnic entrepreneurs

Mr. T.D. Peeters, Mw. L. van Reemst MSc
Victimization among people with a public service task

T. van Ruitenburg, MSc, Mw. drs. N.N. Sprado & Q. Wang
Towards Chinese Cyber-Criminal Law: A Comparative Approach