Erasmus China Law Centre


Yuwen Li
E-mail | Room L7.009

Member of ECLC Executive Board
Fabian Amtenbrink
E-mail | Room L5.007

Member of ECLC Executive Board
Michael Faure
E-mail | Room L7.002

Academic Researcher
Cheng Bian
E-mail | Room L7.009

Associated professors

  • Gao Hongjun
    Professor of Sociology of Law, Tsinghua University

  • Ji Weidong
    Professor of Comparative Law,
    Dean of KoGuan Law School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  • Lin Lihong
    Professor of Administrative Law
    Director Center for Protection of the Rights for Disadvantaged Citizens

  • Lu Song
    Professor of International Law
    Dean of Law Faculty and Director of Institute of International Law, China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU)


  • Lu Zhongmei
    Professor of Environmental Law
    President of Hubei University of Economics


  • Wang Xigen
    Professor of Legal Theory
    Vice Dean of Law School of Wuhan University

  • Wang Zhengmin
    Professor of Constitutional Law
    Dean, Tsinghua University School of Law

  • Ye Jingyi
    Professor of Labour Law

PhD Projects

  • Yachao Wang
    Enforcement of Investor-States Arbitration Awards against States

  • Linfeng Xie
    Comparative Study on the Data Protection System in Cross-Border E-Commerce in the EU, the US and China

  • Bian Cheng
    National Security review regimes of foreign investment - a comparative study in China, the US and the EU

  • Dang Hongwei
    Integrating Sustainable Development into International Investment Law: Treaties and Arbitral Practice

  • Du Du
    Laws concerning Foreign Takeover Bids in China and the Netherlands: Converging or Diverging?

  • Feng Yang
    Legislative Decentralization in China in the Reform Era

  • Fu Qiqi
    Minority Shareholder Protection in Chinese listed Companies: A comparative study with US and the Netherlands

  • Ji Yuhan
    Recognition of Foreign Maritime Judgments

  • Liu Shuo
    Certain Private Law Issues relating to Shipbuilding

  • Ma Wanli
    Whither Domestic Courts? The Observation, Evaluation and Reformation of Their Involvement in International Investment Dispute Settlement

  • Ma Yun
    Resolving Conflicts between Conservation and Recreation in Protected Areas: A comparative legal analysis of the United States and China

  • Pei Wei
    Criminal Procedural Agreements in China and England and Wales

  • Shen Yayun
    Green building in the US and China: a law and economics perspective

  • Wang Jie
    Global Formulary Apportionment for International Taxation: A Comprehensive Analysis

  • Wang Meiqing
    Research on the Compensation Mechanism in Investor-State Dispute Settlement in International Investment Law

  • Wang Qianyun
    A Comparative Study of Cybercrime in Criminal Law

  • Xu Yinxin
    An Institutional Design for Sustainable Forest Carbon Projects in Developing Countries

  • Xun Xiao
    Director’s Duties and Liabilities in China

  • Yuan Bo
    Foreign-related Commercial Dispute Resolution in China: A focus on litigation and arbitration

  • Zhang Anran
    The Legal Status of Controlled Entities in International Investment Arbitration

  • Zhang Jinyue
    Shadow Banking Activities Related to Collective Investment Schemes and their Systemic Risks

  • Zhang Yayi
    Non-public Bribery, Public Enforcement: A Comparative Study of Commercial Bribery among China, the United Kingdom and the United States?

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