Research Institutes

China Law Centre (CLC)

The China Law Centre of Erasmus School of Law has been engaged for many years in several research and educational activities with Chinese law schools and other institutions. In order to further structure and reinforce these relations, the China Law Centre will expand the capacity of teaching and research on Chinese law, increase our competitiveness in instigating Chinese law-related projects, and strengthen our advisory work to the government and business community. 

Director: Prof. Yuwen Li.
For more information: CLC or send an email to Prof. Yuwen Li.

Erasmus Centre for Economic and Financial Governance (ECEFG)

The ECEFG is an international multidisciplinary network of leading researchers and societal stakeholders It aims at building a trans-European network of high-quality researchers and societal stakeholders around the interdisciplinary theme of Economic and Financial Governance in the EU. 

Academic Director: Prof. Fabian Amtenbrink.
For more information: ECEFG or contact Dr René Repasi.

Centre for the Law and Economics and Cyber Security (CLECS)

Currently, there is under- and overinvestment in cybersecurity by both government and industry. As the investments in cyber security will rise in the future through developments such as robotics, the ‘internet of things’ and blockchain, so will the need for a societal debate about the efficiency of those investments. The mission of this centre is to create a stronger public discourse regarding efficient cyber security investments.

For more information: CLECS or send an email to the CLECS Secretariat.

Erasmus Centre for Local Government Taxes (ESBL)

The Erasmus Study Centre for Local Government Taxes (ESBL) carries out research in the field of the taxes of municipalities, water boards and other local authorities on a national and international level. 

Academic Director: Prof. Arjen Schep
For more information (only in Dutch): ESBL or send an email to Prof. Arjen Schep.

Rotterdam Institute for Law and Economic (RILE)

Established in the year 2000, the Rotterdam Institute of Law and Economics (RILE) is set to carry out the task of promoting and furthering the development of Law and Economics, across the Netherlands, but also worldwide. For this purpose, a twofold strategy has been devised. First, a comprehensive training programme is offered for scholars ranging from undergraduate level to specialised teaching and the option for PhD studies. Second, the RILE aims at proliferating the academic discourse on Law and Economics through organising conferences and workshops, as well as publications in books and leading journals. Also, the institute invites senior and junior researchers to join its growing number of affiliates.

Academic Director: Prof. Michael Faure
For more information, please visit RILE.

Rotterdam Institute for Shipping and Transport Law (RISTL)

The Rotterdam Institute for Shipping and Transport Law (RISTL) was founded in 2009. RISTL aims to provide a better and more transparent structure for the various Master level courses in these fields provided by Erasmus School of Law. RISTL will also be instrumental in organising seminars, colloquia, and conferences on topical subjects were possible in close collaboration with partner universities, institutes and associations both at home and abroad. RISTL is also intended as a centre for both academic and practical research in shipping and transport law.

Director: Prof. Frank Smeele
For more information, please visit RISTL.