Research in the Spotlight

Grants & Prizes voor 2010

Current facets (Pre-Master)

  • Sharon Oded LL.M.

    Toptalent PhD Stipend 2009

  • Prof. Henk van de Bunt, Dr Richard Staring, and prof. René van Swaaningen

    NWO Conflict & Security 2009

    'Reconstructing Political Philosophy and Legal Doctrine: Doing Justice to Dynamics and Hybrid Identifications.'

  • Prof. Maarten Kroeze

    NWO Open Competition 2008 

    Co-applicants prof. mr. S.D. Lindenbergh and prof. mr. H. Vletter-Van Dort 'Causation with respect to liability for misleading information towards investors'

  • Prof. Filip de Ly

    NWO Open Competition 2008

    'Tortious interference with contract: From Netherlands and Common law towards a Common Core'

  • Abiola Makinwa-Falase LL.M.

    Female PhD Stipend ESL 2008

  • Dr. Elaine Mak

    NWO Veni 2008
    Research Prize EUR 2008
    Toptalent Stipend ESL 2007 

    NWO Veni Laureate 2008: 'De rechtspraak en globalisering'

  • Dr. Michiel van der Wolf

    Toptalent PhD Stipend ESL 2007

  • Alexander Momirov LL.M.

    Toptalent PhD Stippend ESL 2007

  • Dr. Alessandra Arcuri

    EUR Fellowship 2006

    'The Global Governance of Risks and the World Trade Organization'

  • Dr. Judith van Erp

    NWO VENI 2005

    'Do words kill faster than bullets? Reputational sanctions as an instrument to promote regulatory compliance.'

  • Prof. Nick Huls

    NWO Replacement Grant 2005

    'The rule of law in a rich western society. An introduction in socio-legal studies'

  • Prof. Willem van Boom

    NWO Replacement Grant 2005

    'Health, safety and organisational design in European tort law'

  • Prof. Kristin Henrard

    NWO VIDI 2004

    'De rassendiscriminatie-richtlijn en minderheidsbescherming'

  • Dr. Xandra Kramer

    EUR-Fellowship 2004 (together with prof. mr. M. Wissink and Prof. M.Hertogh) 

    Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law (HiiL) Open Application Round 2007 'National Courts as European Community Courts: The Functioning of National Courts as Decentralized Community Courts: Community Law’s Expectations vs. the Knowledge, Experiences and Attitudes of National Judges'